Wednesday, April 27, 2011

President Obama Displays his Long Form Birth Certificate Making Donald Trump and Orly Taitz Look Like the Racist IDIOTS They Are!

I'm glad our President showed his long form Birth Certificate, even though he didn't have to produce it. This just proves what Idiots and Racists all the Birthers are! I know that Al Qaeda LOVES the Birthers, Donald Frump and Orly Taitz. All so disrespectful. You are playing into Al Qaeda's hands. Shameful.

Our President didn't have to lower himself and provide this to all the Birther Racists and Morons, but he did. Now hopefuly they will ALL SHUT UP! (But they won't)

Let's end this discussion once and for all and Honor our President and come together as One Great Nation Again!

God Bless America and
God Bless our President Obama!

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pcorn54 said...

Taitz goes back into Federal Court Monday pursuing her ridiculous claims about the birth certificate and challenging the Judges qualifications. Ought to be interesting

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