Sunday, April 3, 2011

Advice to President Obama on Winning the Hispanic Vote in 2012

Many pundits are attempting to push the topic that President Obama is losing the Hispanic vote because he has not fulfilled his promise on getting Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) passed. While it is true that many leading CIR advocates are upset that CIR has not progressed, it is difficult to fathom Hispanics voting Republican, especially since many 2012 potential Republican candidates are blindly following Tea Party / Restrictionist extremists and supporting racial profiling bills like sb1070, English Only bills and bills to change Birthright Citizenship -- all bills targetted against Latinos. I don't think these Republicans have a hope of obtaining the large majority of the Hispanic vote. Some Republicans have attempted to recruit Hispanics. These recruiters say Latinos have many of the same values as Republicans. These values include: Christianity and Traditional Families (aka ANTI Gay and ANTI Women's rights). These well-funded groups (funded by the likes of the Koch brothers and Fox News), have deep pockets. They've even funded websites like "Fox News Latino." One glance at the Latino Fox News website reveals their true agenda: Push Republican HINO (Hispanic in Name Only) politicians. One good example is Marco Rubio. Expect to see him on the front page of Fox News Latino on a daily basis. He is their poster boy. This two faced HINO was against sb1070 before his political backers encouraged him to switch sides -- now he is FOR this racial profiling bill. He is also AGAINST CIR, even though he is a Cuban! Continue reading Latino Fox News, this "Roger Ailes" rag, and see their phony attempt to sway Latinos by referencing Church, ANTI-Mexico rhetoric and attacks against popular Latino politicians who are Democrats. The very thought of this website's attempt to brainwash Voting eligible Latinos makes my skin crawl! There are some "so-called" Latino groups that are saying they are Republican Latinos, including groups like "Somos Republicanos." These groups are having a difficult time for two reasons: 1. They do not carry much favor among most Latinos, particularly our younger voters, primarily due to their ANTI-Gay, ANTI-Women's Rights support. 2. They do not carry much favor among many Republicans themselves because, regardless of anything else, "Somos" groups DO support Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) and are AGAINST racial profiling bills like sb1070 and against the rhetoric of extremist politicians like Virgil Peck - the Hate-Filled state rep. who recommended shooting Latinos like "feral pigs." I've read many Restrictionist and Conservative blogs/websites that refer to them as RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and talk very negatively about them. While I agree with their support of CIR, I think they are dangerous. At least some of the members of these "Somos" type groups are wannabees. They wannabee accepted by their Rich Donors. Many have money themselves. Some are old time politicians with deep pockets. Some have done long-term work for Republicans. Some helped George Bush into power, with long time friendships with Bush's Brain. Some easily give in on key political issues like CIR, like sb1070 and who knows what else. Go to their website. See them arm in arm with the likes of John McCain, Rick Perry and others. These "Somos" types groups are dangerous because they may be able to convince a few Latinos to vote for Republicans who have very ANTI Latino agendas. President Obama, we True American Latinos support you, however, we need something to motivate our base. I personally recognize the change in your method of deportations. You have stopped the deplorable workplace ICE raids and instead moved to target and prosecute abusive employers. You have targetted criminals and gangs versus workers. You have partnered with Mexico in border security and targetting the drug cartels, increasing the number of drug arrests and reducing the flow of weapons back into Mexico. It's a start and clearly there is a long way to go. I recognize that in the Republicans' mountain of "NO's" it has been difficult in getting any version of CIR passed. Given all of this, there are steps you can take to improve the relationship with Latinos and help you with the Latino Vote. Recommendations: 1. Pass the Dream Act now. You can gain support from some Republican members. Find a way to do it and do it this year. If there is a way to do this without a Congressional Vote, do it. One way to get this passed is to explain the process to the voters. The last time you attempted to pass it during the lame duck session didn't work because Republicans were allowed to LIE about what was in the bill. There is NO Free Tuition and there is NO "Amnesty" in the bill! If they attempt to LIE about this again, call them out on it! "THEY LIE!" 2. Ease the Backlog in the Immigration Courts. You don't need Congressional approval on this. Just do it! Find a way! We all know that 40% of the 12M are Visa Overstays. By removing the backlog, you will help that 40% on their way to Legal status. 3. Have Eric Holder move forward on the Arpaio/Arizona case. Have the DOJ release their findings. There is clear corruption in Arizona. Reveal your findings. America needs to know the truth! Lastly, once you are re-elected, if that day comes, PASS CIR the very 1st year. Do it. Just Do It. YES, YOU CAN! Why? Because we ALL know, it is the Right Thing To Do! YES YOU CAN!


Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO : Fox News interviews the Most Dangerous Guy in America : Senator Marco Rubio from Florida ( the perfect "Latino" Trojan Horse and Demagogue ) - He has the potential to be more dangerous than other Republicans - His Foreign Policy is sheer irresponsible Jingoism

The Perfect Demagogue :

He can surpass the current demagogues and all other Tea Partiers in attraction ... that is the potential for danger to the American Empire.

I do not think that Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman and Newt Gingrich can reach the Presidency of the United States, Americans are not so foolish, but this guy speaks with more assurance and knowledge and is also Tea Party. He can perhaps swindle and deceive the voters with better diction and speech.

I do not see anything Latino in this guy except a name, and the possibility of deceiving in Perfect Spanish. And even if he were more Latino, do we want destruction, war and dangerous fiscal policies ??

His Foreign Policy can not be worse, a repetition of George W. Bush ....

President Obama is in essence a Honest and Decent man, he can make mistakes ( and can correct them ) ... Better a dithering and unsure Obama than the False Assurance and False Clarity of these Republicans, Tea Partiers, Glenn Becks, Sarah Palins and other fools.

Uploaded by SenatorMarcoRubio on Apr 3, 2011

Senator Marco Rubio spoke to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday about the debt, the budget and the situation in Libya.

Sen. Rubio On Fox News Sunday


Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio will not get many Latino votes outside of Florida.

As for your comments about Obama, it's not enough to remind us of how awful the Republicans are. Obama has to do something that merits his reelection.

So far there has been no immigration reform, and he has no intention of passing it. The Dream Act lost by five votes and five Democrats voted against it. He played those Dream Act kids to get them to save the Senate for the Democrats.

What else...

He extended the Bush tax cuts, adding 1 trillion to our debt. He's getting us into another war. He deferred to BP when the oil spill took place. He didn't support the Wisconsin protestors. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Dee said...

I know your concerns and have heard them many times from many on our side.

I personally supported Hillary while she was still a contender.

I too think he could and should do more.

However, I am not willing to allow the other side to win, particularly with what we have all seen occur in Arizona, plus the Hate Crimes, plus what occurred under Bush's regime (eg: Postville ICE Raid; Corrupt, privately owned Detention Centers; etc).

My post here suggest to our President what he could do to win the Latino Vote. I believe IF he does these 3 things, he will secure the Vote, Win the Presidency and I will support him.

Anonymous said...

But Dee, he won't do those things because he thinks he's entitled to our vote because we have nowhere else to go. I cannot think of a presidential candidate who misrepresented himself more than Obama.

We should also focus our organizing abilities on winning back the House, keeping the Senate and electing liberals to local office. Many of these right wing wackos get their start on school boards, etc. That's where we need to head them off.

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