Sunday, April 3, 2011

If the Government Shuts Down on April 8th, BLAME THE REPUBLICANS!

Republicans are at it again. Their next move? To shut down the government on April 8th. House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, will unveil a ridiculous 2012 Republican budget this week that proposes dramatic changes, including shutting down Medicare, deeply cutting Medicaid and more Tax Cuts for the rich AND making these Tax Cuts permanent. Obviously their proposal is unacceptable! What's more -- the extremist Tea Party wants even more cuts and vow to protest the GOP unless they do as they are told! In fact, many of these Tax Party Extremists WANT a government shut down and plenty of existing Congresspeople are afraid of them and are promising to do their bidding. Ryan's proposals are extreme! His proposals include: 1. Privatizing Medicare: Instead of our current process, his proposal includes issuing vouchers to the elderly. In other words, discount coupons so the elderly can attempt to find an expensive insurance carrier who may or may not take them, based on pre-existing conditions. The elderly can expect massive co-pays. 2. Slashing Medicaid: Medicaid, which is authorized only to the catastrophically ill and poor/destitute, will be slashed by as much as $1 Trillion. Imagine the horror! The denial of heart, liver, lung, pancreas and bone marrow transplants that we saw in Arizona are just the beginning! 3. More Tax Cuts for the Rich -- This time Permanent! It is clear, the power behind the Republican party is striving for global corporate fascism to replace nationalism and end the idea of "America" all together. If the government shuts down it will mean tens of thousands of layoffs, NO Government Checks of any kind including: . NO government payroll, . NO government purchases . NO tax refunds! If the goverment DOES shut down there is clearly only ONE Party to Blame! Blame it on the Republicans!


Vicente Duque said...

SB 1070 is in Cryogenics Death in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals - 9th Circuit heard the case five months ago but has yet to rule - Russell Pearce sat in the front row of Bolton's court and looked extremely displeased

SB 1070 Case To Be Put On Hold
'Informal Stay' Granted Today In U.S. District Court
Pat McReynolds
Anchor/Reporter, KPHO CBS 5 News
April 1, 2011

Some excerpts :

PHOENIX -- U.S. District Judge Susan Bolten heard arguments Friday as to whether she should allow the state legislature to join the defense of SB 1070, Arizona's recently passed immigration enforcement law.

Senate President Russell Pearce sat in the front row and looked displeased with the back and forth. The attorney representing Pearce and the rest of the Legislature argued that because the Legislature authored SB 1070, it would offer unique insight in the case.

But judge Bolten didn't seem convinced. She asked what another lawyer could possibly offer that attorneys for the governor and the Arizona attorney general aren't already providing. In the end, she agreed to take the matter under advisement.

But Bolten also called for a stay on all action for the main arguments in the case until the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules on the constitutionality of Arizona's immigration enforcement law. The 9th Circuit heard the case five months ago but has yet to rule.

Anonymous said...

BLAME THE DEMOCRATS, Like we have a say anyways, Government does what they want to.. They do not care what we think or say, I say let them shut down!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shutting down the government is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. This country is turning third world. You people who bash the government take too many things for granted, namely the fact that you have clean water to drink and safe food to eat. Who do you think inspects our food and water? Right now radiation from the damaged power plants in Japan is leaking into the ocean and blowing across the ocean. We NEED the government to inspect our fish, and to measure the radiation in the air and rainwater.

This is the WORST time for the federal government to shut down!

The Republicans have no plan but to destroy this country. They shut down the governemnt in the 90s, and as soon as they got the House back, they decided to do it again. That's not governing. They are a good for nothing party of Confederates who are still angry at the feds for enforcing civil rights law.

The only failed state in the western hemisphere is the Confederacy.

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