Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kids' LOVE Buzz Lightyear's Spanish Language and Dancing! Hurray for Multiculturalism and MultiLingualism

My grandkids and I have been watching movies "On Demand" this afternoon. They love "Toy Story 3" and asked me to play it for them. I hadn't seen it before so we began watching it (Me for the first time.) They LOVED the movie. Their favorite part of the movie was when Buzz Lightyear was switched over to Spanish speaking mode and he began dancing with Jessie. It was just beautiful! I loved the entire movie, but, like my grandkids, I loved the Flamenco dance between Buzz and Jessie the best! All the while, I kept thinking, this is one reason why the restrictionists will NEVER WIN the Immigration Debate! Why? Our kids are Humanitarians and VERY OPEN to multi-culturalism and being multi-lingual!


K. Andrew said...

Well, it was awesome, and a play on how things must be built to accommodate different markets.

Was there anyone that was 'upset' over this?

Dee said...

Bad Anon was very upset by this. As usual, he is very profane and went on and on about "English Only" and his opposition to multiculturalism. (his typical response; of course he comments six or seven times a day here but I generally do not post his comments due to his profanity, but I guess he has nothing else to do.)

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