Monday, April 25, 2011

Jan Brewer to Birthers: Shut Up! You Guys are Losers!

Jan Brewer tells the Birthers -- Shut up already! You're a bunch of Losers!
PHOENIX -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says the so-called "birther" issue is a potentially destructive issue for the country. Brewer was interviewed on CNN on Monday about her decision a week ago to veto an Arizona bill that would have required President Barack Obama and other presidential candidates to prove their natural-born citizenship.
Brewer reiterated her veto explanation that the bill was poorly drafted. She also said she believes there's no question that it was directed at Obama though it's clear he was born in Hawaii. She told CNN interviewer John King that the birther issue is leading the nation "down a path of destruction."


Louis said... Please take a look at this video, We are working on a documentary that will help expose the consequences of SB1070 in Arizona. Our website will be up shortly

Vicente Duque said...

Bob Cesca : Obama will defeat the Republican Candidate with his achievements - Republicans are cowards and fools that want to be portrayed as Strong Cow Boys but suffer from dithering, indecisiveness, and fear of President Obama electoral power

Bestiary of Republican Clowns that are afraid of being Presidential Candidates, inventory of fools that have the same defects that they accuse in President Obama. The "sissy" is not Obama but this bunch of chickens.

Huffington Post
Why Are the Republicans Afraid of President Obama?
By Bob Cesca
April 22, 2011

Some excerpts :

Economic growth is up, and has been steadily growing since the passage of the president's recovery act. President Obama successfully appointed the first Hispanic female Supreme Court justice which invigorates a growing Hispanic demographic. Unemployment is slowly declining. The stock market is up, thus stabilizing 401(k)s and mutual funds owned by middle class Americans. And despite what the Republicans say, the president and the Democrats cut the deficit by $122 billion last year: the largest single-year decline in the deficit in American history. The list goes on and on. As soon as the Obama 2012 re-election campaign gets cranking on these accomplishments, the mostly unpopular Republican candidates will be almost totally neutered. Moreso than now.

Third, the Republican legislative record is ridiculous. Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and John Boehner have introduced ideologically far-right, inconsequential and symbolic bills that kill Planned Parenthood and NPR. They've passed legislation that cuts spending for pregnant women. They've passed legislation that magically circumvents the constitutional lawmaking process. They refuse to raise taxes on the rich while trying to gut Medicaid and kill Medicare, even though supermajorities of Americans support both of these crucial healthcare programs -- including majority support from tea party Republicans.

And finally, at this late juncture, I don't see how the Republicans will be able to compete with the Obama machine when it comes to money, even with the awful Citizen's United decision and its subsequent deluge of corporate cash into the Republican Party.

The modern Republican Party fancies itself the party of quick, decisive action. Shoot first and let God sort out the rest. You're either with us or you're with the terrorists. It's the party of swift military action. It's the party that's spending $500,000 in congressional money to fight gay people. It's the party of apoplectic, doomsday talk radio screamers. It's the party that mocks "femi-nazis" -- the party that refuses to "bend over" for the "little black man-child." This is what they say, and it's a whole lot of blustery, impotent noise.

There's one last reason why the Republicans are so cautious about declaring their intentions. They're cowards. And they're self-debunking the mythology that modern Republicans are bold, brave "Reagan-ish" leaders. They're cowards and so they're moving at granny-speed rather than light-speed to run against the president -- a real leader onto whom they're projecting their dithering and indecisiveness.

LMJ said...

Well now we know why this nut switched sides all of a sudden since this morning the President showed (his B-cert) all those birther tea bagger nuts what us Americans all ready knew

Vicente Duque said...

Judge Bea upheld the injunction against the provisions of SB 1070 making illegal presence a state crime and making it a state crime for someone who is here illegally to work. There's no reason to believe that a broader 9th Circuit panel or the Supreme Court will see it differently

Arizona Republic says that "SB 1070 is toast" and the dissent of Judge Bea does not help :

The heart of SB 1070 was to make illegal immigration a state crime, adjudicated in state courts and punished in state penal institutions. Judge Bea said no can do.

Arizona Republic
Don't read a lot into Gov. Brewer's recent shifts
by Robert Robb, columnist
April 23, 2011

Some comments :

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision upholding the injunction against several key provisions of Senate Bill 1070, Arizona's contentious immigration law, hasn't received the careful consideration it deserves.

Brewer and Attorney General Tom Horne airily dismissed the decision as what you would expect from 9th Circuit liberals and pointed to the dissent by Judge Carlos Bea.

I agree that the dissent is the most important part of the decision. And it says that SB 1070 is toast.

Bea did say that the most controversial part of SB 1070, the provision requiring local law enforcement to follow up on reasonable suspicion of illegal status, wasn't preempted by federal law. I think he's right about that.

Bea, however, went on to say that all local law-enforcement officials could do about it was notify the feds. What the feds did after that was entirely up to them.

So, even under Bea's dissent, SB 1070 would be a hollow shell. There's no reason to believe that a broader 9th Circuit panel or the Supreme Court will see it differently.

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