Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What to Expect if the Government Shuts Down on Friday! (Thanks Republicans!)

What to Expect if the Government Shuts Down on Friday! (Thanks Republicans!)

1. Lost Money: The last shutdown (Gingrich's 1995 shutdown) cost taxpayers $800 million, including $400 million in wages to federal workers who did not report to work. However, during the 1995 shutdown, 800,000 non-essential workers were furloughed without pay for five days. (lost wages; lost taxes paid; delays for All Americans!)

2. Social Security Checks: Expect delayed social security Checks, Claims and social security card issuing. And Don’t Call the Social Security office! In the 1995 government shut down, millions of calls to government offices went unanswered

3. Medicare: A shutdown would delay newly eligible recipients from applying

4. Police & Public Safety: The 1995-1996 shutdown caused delays in case processing, recruitment, testing and hiring, and reportedly suspended cases involving bankruptcy and child-support

5. Environment: A shutdown would result in the stoppage of many government programs involving the environment. During the last shutdown toxic waste clean-up was even suspended

6. National Parks/Museums Closed: A government shutdown will cause national parks to close, turning away millions of visitors and result in a loss of revenue. In addition, federally funded museums would also close as a result of the shutdown.

7. Travel / Vacations / Passports: If the government shuts down passport and visa applications will be delayed with a detrimental impact on the U.S. tourist and airlines industries

8. Veterans Services: Veterans services including health and welfare programs to finance could be cut short in the event of a shut down

9. No FHA Mortgage Loans: While the exact impact is unclear, a government shutdown could result in the delay of FHA mortgage loans that low-and-moderate-income families often depend on

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Anonymous said...

You're forgetting one big thing. Nobody will be able to test our food and water for radiation from Japan! Remember, radiation has already been found in rainwater and in milk. Also, tuna swims from the waters near Japan to the waters off the coast of Washington state. Because Japan is dumping tons of radioactive water in the Pacific, the fish will be affected. This is the worst time for a government shut down!

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