Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I will be LIVE BLOGGING the Presidential Debate tonight.
It starts at 9:00pm ET.
I will be looking for the discussion tonight regarding subjects Romney LIED about in the last Debate. I ask EVERYONE to LISTEN for the following Topics. Believe me, I WILL BE REPORTING THESE TOPICS LIVE TONIGHT:
1. VETO Obamacare. (barely spoke about it)
2. Significantly reduce funding for Medicaid.(barely spoke about it)

3. Cut Taxes for Rich by $5Trillion and Eliminate Tax Deductions which will impact the Middle Class and Poor. (Discussed)
From my perspective, I also want to see discussion on: . Women's rights. Will Romney admit he said he will overturn Roe v Wade? He opposed the Fair Wage act (Lilly Ledbetter)? (Discussed)
. Immigration: Will Romney admit he said he'd veto the Dream Policy on Day 1? Racial Profiling? Sheriff Arpaio? (Discussed)
. Gay Rights: Will Romney reveal his party's agenda? (Not discussed)
. The 47%, will Romney admit what he said? (Discussed)

Candy Crowley from CNN is the Moderator - introduces the structure of the debate. Excellent Job by Candy.

Romney gets first question:
. Employment: Will I get job?
ROMNEY: Pell grant program growing. Loan program going. Want you to get job. Know what it takes to make econoy grow. will change current. more jobs. more opps. will bring back economy. (Very Stiff)
Obama responds: You're future is bright Jeremy.
1. Create good paying jobs in this country. Build on 5M jobs we've created in this country. Build manufacturing jobs. Not let Detroit/jobs go bankrupt like Romney said. Create Jobs Here.
2. best education system in the world. trained for jobs of future.
3. control own energy. oil. natural gas. build energy source of the future. reduce deficit. invest in future. rebuild america. your future and america's future.

follow up question by candy: long term unemployed:
ROMNEY: I have 5 point plan. prez policies didn't put americans back to work. fewer jobs today vs when he took office. (romney doesn't count the drastic downturn from 2008 - 2009 as a result of Bush's tanking of the economy)
Romney very weirdly says Obama took Detroit bankrupt.
OBAMA:. Obama says Romney lied. Romney wanted Detroit to go bankrupt.
. Romney has 1 point plan. folks at top has 1 set of rules. Cut taxes for the rich.

Candy Keeps control and stops Romney from interupting.

Energy? Lowering gas prices not the job fo the energy dept.

 Obama: continue support energy policies. But also need to think of the future. lower oil imports. continue to open new areas for drilling. priority for natural gas. Efficient energy. reduce demand. keep gas prices lower. romney says let oil co. write oil policies. got oil and gas part but not clean energy part. doesn't think of our own economy future. Germany and CHina ARE thinking of the future. get jobs and lower price for gas
Romney: (very uncomfortable) sites production on Federal Lands. Talks about migratory birds. Says he wants to make sure of oil gas, coal, nuclear. don't need prez tostop us from coal, regulations, pipeline. good jobs back.
Obama: candy  = will you bring prices down or is this new normal. what romney said not true. opened up drilling on public lands. natural gas - encouraged and working with industry. when romney says he says in favor of coal - he shut down coal mines. not champion of coal. obama invested in coal and cleaner and smarter. same with oil and natural gas. production up. build cars more efficient. creating jobs. save money. strategy we need.
- Romney: not what you did in last 4 year. (Obama NOT TRUE - produced more jobs -  if you want to drill on public lands = production up) == Romney shaken up.
- Obama: gas prices - if energy policies working. when i took office - economy on verge of collapse. consequences of same policies gov. is promoting. with same policies BACK IN SAME MESS (Audience laughs at Romney.) Romney has no energy strategy for the future.
Romney starts pacing as questioner asks questions. Looks like a robot. Woman is taken aback. Obama says "you're doing great." (She's nervous as Romney stalks).

New Questions: which tax credits will you eliminate?
Romney: no taxes for anyone making $200K on investments. says he will reduce tax burden.
Obama: Middle class families need relief. have been hard. Cut taxes for middle class families. I did that. Cut taxes for small biz. Did that 18 times. Continue those tax cuts for middle class and small biz.
However if we are serious - make sure rich pay more. 98% save. 2% pay more. above 250K go back to tax rates of Clinton. Take us from deficits to surplus. good for nation. on 60 minutes 2 weeks. yes fair for tax increases for middle class. we need tax credits for middle class. tax cuts for rich. won't work.
Romney: top 5% tax increase. bring rates down for middle class. bring rates down for small biz. look at what happened last 4 years disappointment. 23M struggling. 3.5M more women in poverty. don't have to live like this.
energy independence. more trade. crack down on china. balanced budget. fix training programs. know why jobs grow.
Obama: won't allow top 5% have tax cuts. No it's not settled. cost of lowering rates for everyone - 20% plus eliminate corporate rate; = 5 trillion; plus continue bush tax cuts = 1 trillion plus 2M in increase for military. he doesn't tell you how he's going to do it.
He took capital gains off the table. no specifics on how to do this. just firing big bird. asks romney if someone says how are you going to cut 8T and doesn't say how you're going to do it, you wouldn't accept it.
this is only taking care of additional, doesn't even discuss current deficit.
YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT AND LOSE DEDUCTION. No one that is serious believes it.
Romney: (doesn't add up - response) - Of course they add up. I was someone who ran biz and olypics and balanced the budget. ROMNEY SPUTTERS.
New Question: Pay Equality for ALL - including Women:
Obama: Supported and signed the Lilly Ledbetter bill - fair pay for women. Talked of Mother and Grandmother. Expanded Pell Grants for all, including Women.
(SIDE NOTE: President so articulate, informing, knowledgable and strong.)
Romney: Said said he supports equal pay for women. He said when he was Gov he asked "can't we find some women also qualified?" Took EFFORT to Find qualified women (????). (what a maroon!)
(Romney still struggling)
Obama: When Romney campaign asked about whether he supported Lilly Ledbetter bill, his campaign said, "We'll get back to you." Major difference - romney comfortable having opposed employers make decision as to whether women get contraceptive as part of health care coverag; contraceptives; cancer screening. Child care credits - must be included. Not just women's issues - family and economic issues. We all participate. have 2 daughters. ALL participate.

New question: I'm undecided. Not satisfied with current economies. Blame Bush. How do you differ from Bush?
Romney: Uncomfortable -- don't believe bureaucrats in
all women access to contraceptives.
Bush and I are different people. different times. 5 point plan so different.
energy - get all we need in north america.
trade - crack down in china and latin america. more free trade agreements.
balances budget - didn't balance budget. forecast for next 4 years.
small biz - our party focused on big biz too long. all i do will add jobs for small biz, keep taxes down.
obamacare troubling: small biz says it keeps them from hiring more people.
my priority is jobs. bush had different path for diff times.

obama: 1st of all - we did come in through tough times. losing massive jobs before and as we came in. saw 31 consecutive job growth.
romeny : tax cuts is his
outsource to china. invest in companies build surveillance equip for china survillance on folks.
we are doing task force for trade. twice as many cases against unfair trade cases as previous adminstration.
china cheap tires, saved 1000 jobs. romeny opposed it.
ways romney different than bush: medicare voucher; self deportation; no comprehensive immigration; trade; romney is more extreme.

obama: what have you done - expensive. we've gone through tough 4 years. cut taxes for middle class. end war in iraq. osam bin laden. health care reform. reign in excesses of wall st. created 5M jobs. making progress. saved Detroit auto industry. many still struggling. put jobs program. savings from ending wars to rebuild America. Energy for future. Commitments made, kept. Those not able to keep, not for lack of trying.
romney made commitments: no tax pledge don't ask dime from millionaires and billionaires. he said me too. when they said cut planned parenthood - me too. repeal obamacare he said me too. not the kind of leadership you need. choice you make: who's plan is more likely.

romney: i think you know better. last 4 years not so good. if you elect him, repeat of last 4 years. by now we'd have unemployment at 5.4%. reform medicare and soc security - not done it. 1st year immigration plan - not done. not able to do what he said he'd do. didn't cut deficit. if obamacare implemented more $$. doesn't understand what it takes economy to get going. unemployment still high. food stamps: 47M on food stamps. growth of economy slower this year. hasn't let economy grow. In Reagan recession created twice as many jobs.  (longest rant)

IMMIGRATION- your plan.

Romney: welcome LEGAL immigrants. give visas to green cards to people who graduate with skills we need. stop illegal immigration. 4M people waiting.
not grant amnesty. put in place employment verify system.
won't put in place magnets: no drivers license.
Kids need pathway to become perm resident. (if college; military)
Prez didn't pass anything.

Obama: We are a nation of immigrants. a few miles away from ellis island. talent from all across the world want to come here. also a nation of laws.
we need to fix a broken immigration system. sought cooperation from congress.
1. streamline immigration system. reduce backlog.
2. more border patrol; flow lowest in 4 years
3. focus on criminals, not students or workers.
4. Dream Policy: make sure pathway to citizenship
Romney said "I will veto Dream Act." Main strategy: "Encourage Self Deportation" make life miserable. Called AZ model for nation. Racial Profiling. Check Papers. We can fix system in comprehensive way. sat down with dems and repubs including senators that previously support it. Their standard bearer says he cannot support.
Romney:1. said he did not say AZ law was model. said everify law was model. (LIE)
2. why would you file. standard bearer wasn't for it.
3. self deportation:let people make their own choice. called Latinos "Illeeegals."
not in favor of rounding up people and taking them out of country.

Obama: Said Romney denies that he said AZ sb1070 was model law though his chief Immigration advisor on his team is Kris Kobach - the author of sb1070. (I can hardly wait to hear the ANTI's on this one)

Question: Libya - Internation Security
1. beef up security
2. investigate what happened; hold cul
3. find out who did it and hunt them down. when folks mess with america, we go after them.

romney put out press release trying to make political points. not how commander in chief into a political issue.

when it comes to national security i mean what it says.
bin laden
when it comes to issue: when we are going to find out exactly what happnd. hold them accountable. these are my folks. you know i mean what i say.

thank you kerry for your question:
buck stops at his desk.
failure in not providing security resource.
feel sorry for families.
other issues - many days that passed - spontaneous or terrorist attack. took long time to find out. ask yourself why didn't we know 5 days later.
more troubling: day following assassination prez flies to las vegas for political fund raiser. these actions have symbolic significance. call in eye witnesses. says it was not demonstration. attack by terrorists. lok whats happening in syria, egypt and libya. iran.syria. (rambles on). says prez had apology tour.

obama: sec clinton done extraordinary job. she works for me. I am responsible. day after the attack. i stood in rose garden, said we would find out what happend and hunt down those that committed those crimes. there greeting caskets and grieving with families. suggestion that anyone on my team, whether sec of state un amabassador or mislead, is offensive. not what we do. not what i do as president or commander in chief.
President said it was an act of terror on 1st day. Romney said "Oh no you didn't." President said, "Yes he did. It's on Tape." Romney said, "Are you sure (acted like he was lying)." Candy Crowley Fact Check said "YES HE DID. It's On Tape!" (ROMNEY LOOKed LIKE A FOOL!

NEXT QUESTION: During prez national convention: ak47 out of hands of criminals -- limit availability of assault weapons. believe in 2nd ammendment. too many instances.
OBAMA: Believe in 2nd ammendment however KEEPS GUNS OUT OF the hands of criminals and mentally ill. and stop assault weapons. Need comprehensive strategy.
ROMNEY: not in favor in new legislation on guns. don't want automatic weapons. enforce gun laws we have. change culture of violence we have. Greatest failure fast and furious. (GOV GOES OFF TRACK -- CANDY BRINGS HIM ON TRACK)
Romney flusters. Said his Massachussets Ban wasn't really a Ban.
OBAMA: Romney for ban before he was against it. Changed his mind due to his allegiance to National Rifle association. We should focus on Education to resolve these types of issues. Math, Science, Community College, Retrain workers; train for jobs.

ROMNEY: Lost jobs to China. Manufacturing jobs lost to China. Made it less attractive to have jobs in America. Make it more attractive for entrepenuers to invest and grow in america. Make sure other countries and China follow the rules; in jobs; in currency; Punish China. More tariffs. Reduce Tax Rates here in America. Stop/reduce regulations. rambles on and on. Keep China playing by rules.

OBAMA: We need to create jobs here. Lower corporate tax rates. too high. Close loop holes that allow companies to deduct tax loop holes when they outsource. romney supports these tax loop holes.
Keep jobs here. Less outsourcing. We are on pace to double exports. creates jobs across country.
Romney invested in companies that outsourced; supported outsourcing.

Candy: ipad; technology manufacturing - how to bring it back to US.
Romney: china cheating. steal technology. play on fair basis. 2. make america attractive place.
Obama: some jobs won't come back - low wage, low skill. I want high wage, high skill. we want best science best research. we don't need tax cuts that cuts educations, training, high skills.

LAST QUESTION: what do you believe is biggest misperception about man and candidate?
ROMNEY: characterize me as someone who doesn't care about 100% of people. spent life in private sector. care about people. believe in God. care for one another. Olympics. Schools. can get country on track. don't hav to settle for high gas. high food. food stamps. college students out of work. reform medicare and social security. i've done these things.

OBAMA: i believe the free enterprise system is the best world has known. risk takers rewarded. everyone gets fair shot. equality for all. world's greatest middle class. romney good man, loves family and faith. But when Romney said 47% of country believe themselves as victims. folks on social security. veterans. students. soldiers. I want to fight for them. the middle class. when they succeed we all succeed. GI Bill was not a handout.

President smiles. shakes hands with audience. hugs Michelle. Mixes with audience. Everyone is hugging, talking to President and  Michelle. It's amazing. Young people, men, women, white, black, brown all hoving around the President and Michelle.
Romney looks like a robot. Looks stunned. Romney is talking to some Old White Guy. Romney talking to another OLD WHITE GUY.

President was AMAZING!!

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