Thursday, October 11, 2012

LIVE BLOG: Vice Presidential Debate (Blogging Live Because I Love America!)

LIVE BLOG: I am blogging the Vice Presidential debate tonight LIVE. I'm doing so because I LOVE America! I will provide LIVE UPDATEs of my view of the Vice Presidential Debates. MAY FREEDOM RING!
Debate opens. Reporter Martha Raddatz moderates.
Biden and Ryan shake hands. Let the debate begin
VP Biden is 1st. International discussion. Very strong. Firm;
Ryan -- sketchy. strange. Makes very weird allegations. Doesn't mention Romney's mistakes.
Moderate asks about Romney's mistake of speaking out against the administration in 1st hours..
Biden is GREAT. Ryan CUT security. Romney makes political statements (gaffs) to media before he knew Ambassador was killed.
Ryan looks like a DEER in the headlights.

Joe is tough. Speaks FACTs.
Ryan stutters. Doesn't know what he is talking about re: International Affairs. (He forgot he requested to CUT security $ to embassies.)
Ryan refuses to look at Joe. Stutters. Joe is staring right at him as Ryan fumbles over his words. Chuckles at Ryan boyish, unknowing remarks. (Boy Ryan drinks water. He is flabbergasted by his own lack of knowledge.)
(Moderator calls Ryan "Congressman Ryan" even though Boy Ryan asked to be called "Mr. Ryan.")
Ryan looks like an idiot. Disagrees with Bibi. (doesn't know what he is talking about.) Ryan AFRAID to call Bibi "Bibi."
(I LOVE Joe's Faces as it is CLEAR Boy Ryan doesn't have a CLUE!)
"War is LAST RESORT!" Joe Biden. (AMEN!) -- Boy Ryan advocating World War III.
Jobs: Economy in Free Fall. 9M lost jobs. 1.6T in wealth lost.
Rescued GM. Cut taxes for Middle Class.
Romney said let Detroit Go Bankrupt.
47% UNWILLING to take responsibility. Ryan said 30%.
Don't Grovel to Grover Norquist. Holding Hostage Middle Class Tax Cut! TAKE Responsibility.
Joe says to Ryan/Romney -- "Get out of the Way."
Great Recession: put 2 wars on a credit card. 2 wars on a credit card. Bush policies --- debt they created.

Used Ryan's OWN LETTER "create Growth in Jobs." (we LOVE you Joe!)
saved $716B applied back into Medicare. Stopped overpaying Insurance companies.
They want to wipe it out.
Donut hole coverage. Wellness visits. (they wipe it out)
Guaranteed benefit: they have a Voucher replacement for medicare. ($6K more for every senior)
Ryan finally admits he plans on changing medicare and social security as we know them.
Voucher program!
TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH! $5 Trillion!!!
Ryann practically CRYING asking for Tax Cuts for the Rich!
How do you PAY for Tax Cuts? NO SPECIFICS. Here's Framework. (JOE LAUGHS!)
They want to pay for it by cutting Mortgage Deductions and Family Tax Credits.
Ryan: Agree with Obama Administration. Want 2014 transition successful.
Biden: Keep eye on ball. Went for one reason. Get al qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. Descimnated al qaeda central. Agreed to gradual draw down. It is responsibility of Afghans to take over own security.
Primary objective almost completed. 49 allies out in 2014.
(Ryan looks like a scared little boy. Deer in headlights. Has NO CLUE!)


Ryan: against right to choose. Life begins at conception.
Joe: refuse to impose it on others. don't have a right to tell women they can't control their bodies. don't interfere with supreme court. No religious institution - none has to refer or pay for contraception.
way we differ: argued - forcible rape, rape, incest, crime in having abortion. disagree.

policy of romney - oppose abortion with exceptions, rape, incest.

closing question:
respect our troops: son served.
presidential campaign left him dismayed with all the negative rhetoric in campaign ads.

Ryan makes a fool of himself tearing down our President.
Joe honors the Troops.

what will you give country?
Ryan LIES and says he will give HONESTY. (LOL LOL LOL)

Joe - records stands. Stand by my word. My whole LIFE stand up for Middle Class. Look at my record.
All Americans want is an Even Shot. Peace of Mind. Level Playing Field. "Honey it's going to be ok."

Ryan -- big choice. what kind of country. are we going to give kids. obama had chance. economic agenda - not working. More Complaining. No solutions.

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