Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Romney Supporter and Racist Donald Trump want our President to "Show Him His Papers!"

Racist Donald Trump's so called "big announcement" about the presidential campaign turned out to be a silly offer Trump foolishly claims President Obama can't refuse.
Crazy Trump has offered to write a $5 million check to the charity of Obama's choice if — and only if — our president releases all of his college and passport records.

Attention Craver Trump will stoop to any level to promote his fellow Republican Romney. This despicable act of disrespect to our President and to our Country illustrates how extreme and racist Most Right Wing Extremists' agenda really is. Romney is just despicable for not chastising racist Trump. They should BOTH be ashamed!

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Vicente Duque said...

CINCINNATI.COM : The Infamous Ohio Under Secretary of State Jon Husted has designed an insoluble or difficult obstacle, so that the President of the USA won't be known on November 7 and we will have to wait many weeks like in year 2008

Repeating the Conundrum of year 2000 with Bush and Gore. This Jon Husted is the same Republican guy that has done everything possible to suppress Minority Voters in Ohio :

Some Excerpts :

If Ohio’s electoral votes would be decisive in the presidential race, then Ohio could keep the nation in suspense for several weeks after the election.

“That would be called my nightmare scenario,” said Amy Searcy, director of the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

But it is also, election experts warn, a distinctly possible scenario if the vote in Ohio – and nationwide – is close.

“We could easily see a situation in which the nation has to wait for Ohio because of provisionals,” said Ed Foley, an Ohio State University law professor and nationally respected expert on election law. “We ought to start thinking about those what-if scenarios now rather than the Wednesday morning after the election.”

Ohio's nightmare voting scenario
ENQUIRER EXCLUSIVE: Provisional ballots might put a kink in Election Day
October 25, 2012, 12:02 AM


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