Thursday, October 25, 2012

Women Beware! Republicans' War Against Women: Paul Ryan, Mourdock, Akin

Women should beware if Republicans get elected in November. Republican candidates are very vocal with their attacks against women's Healthcare and against their Right to Choose. Todd Akin talks about "Legitimate Rape." Richard Mourdock says if a woman gets pregnant during rape, that it's a "gift from" the god he believes in. He even wants to arrest them! Now he's saying he's "Gained Voters since he made his comments."
In Illinois, Republican State Rep. Roger Rivard said some girls “rape so easy.” Then, Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh denied the reality of life-saving abortions.

  Paul Ryan - if elected - the person who would be next in line to the white house - says rape is "just another method of conception." (go to the 1 minute mark) He said this even after he asked misogynist Akin to step down.

Women of America are standing strong against the Republican candidates WAR AGAINST WOMEN! We will NOT Allow Men to make decisions for us regarding our Healthcare, our right to choose, or threaten to Arrest us. This is America! We are ALL equal! These Republican Men WILL NOT Rule Us! WE PROMISE TO REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!

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