Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Romney/Ryan Reveal their Racist Views/Contempt with their Supposition of the 47%

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan believe 30% - 47% of the American Public, all voters for our President, are on Welfare and don't want to work. When you drill down on their words, what they are saying is, almost half of the American public doesn't work and are lazy and they are all Democrats.
Romney/Ryan obviously never grew up in a Mexican American neighborhood. Latinos are workers. Our work ethic was instilled in us as children. Work work work. From the time I was 5 years old, our parents taught us we have to work. We worked in the fields from dawn until dusk picking crops every summer.
During the school year, my parents instructed us, "You are blessed to live in America. You have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Study, study, study. It is through education that you will be able to achieve the Dream."
My parents were never rich. My Dad worked in the auto industry and was proud to have this job, but I don't think he earned more than $20,000 a year. He was proud to be in the union. He was glad the union helped the workers obtain overtime pay and benefits. He worked 10 hours a day at the factory and six more hours a day as a painter. Then he had a 3rd job hauling sawdust for the factory floor. My Dad was a big, strong, handsome man. He worked so hard all of his life, just to give his 10 children an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth like Romney or Ryan. But in Romney and Ryan's view, my Dad was part of the 47% because he earned less than $44,000 a year.
Forty-seven percent of Americans earn less than $44,000 a year. Most of these 47% work hard, long hours, many jobs, just like my Dad did. They are NOT lazy. However, they don't live in mega-mansions. Most work manual labor jobs. Many are in the military. Many are retirees. Many are teachers, firefighters, factory workers, janitors, waiters, service workers, hospital workers and more. They are happy in their small homes and feel blessed to live in America with their families and the chance to achieve the American Dream for their children.
The odd part of this equation is that those that Romney/Ryan are denigrating, many of them VOTE Republican.
I do know a few people who do accept some government support. I have two sisters who worked all of their lives, until their sixties, and are now on social security and medicare. I do have a brother who is in his late sixties who is eligible for social security and medicare, but he is still working. I'm eligible, but I'm still working. Neither of us receive these (PAID FOR BY US) benefits YET.  
I know of one person who was on aid but is now on a work program and accepts some aid, some food stamps, but she needs to. She has several children and is divorced. However, she's not Democrat. She's white and is Republican.
I know Romney/Ryan project to their audience that the 47% are minorities and are Obama Voters. THEY ARE SO WRONG!!!
Based on the youtube videos I've seen, the audiences they are preaching this message to are ALL WHITE and the audiences CHEER and support their view of "Welfare Queens." While they deny and deny that they are racists, it is abundantly clear to me, these are VERY RACIST STATEMENTS by both Romney and Ryan. They should be ASHAMED of themselves!

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Vicente Duque said...

Implications of Ryan's speech in the video that you posted :

First Implication : 30% or Americans are perfect lazy bums !

Second Implication of Ryan's exact words : "Before too long, We can become a society where the net majority of Americans are takers and not makers" -- This means America can become a Society with a Majority of Lazy Moochers and Bums, so he has a pessimistic and negative notion of American Citizens and of the American Nation.

Third implication of this speech of Paul Ryan is that the number of Americans that are lazy bums is growing and growing every day and may destroy America, unless you vote for the Great Bullshitter that is going to save the nation from the Moochers !!

This is an egregious Ayn Rand bigot and fanatic !....

And this is the perfect fool to be vicepresident of Super Dogmatic and Doctrinaire Mitt Romney !

The Perfect Ticket for Social Darwinism.

A Racist Plutocracy was already tried in Nazi Germany.

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