Saturday, October 13, 2012

Romney/Ryan Supporter Wears Racist T-Shirt at Campaign Event this Week. Everyone at Event Must Have Condoned It (since no one said anything to him about it)


Michael Davison said...

I've been seeing this photo posted all over the internet along with comments which basically say this somehow proves that all Romney supporters are racist like this guy. Assuming this guy even is a Romney supporter, do you honestly believe its fair to demean an entire group of people based on the actions of one person?

Look, prejudice is just wrong, and that's a maxim which should always apply, whether the identity of the group in question is based on race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual preference OR political ideology. For example, if a man in a NAMBLA t-shirt showed up at an LGBT event, liberals would rightly yell foul if someone tried to link that community to pedophilia based on this.

How is this any different?

Everywhere I've seen this picture posted, I've witnessed a rush to judgment based simply on the fact that a man wearing this shirt was standing among others who were waiting for a campaign event to begin!

That's all that is known by the photo, nothing else. We don't know how long he was there, we don't know if anyone in the crowd chastised him before or after this photo was taken, we don't know if campaign security noticed or removed him later after they arrived. And as I'll point out below (with reference links), there is even ample reasons to be unsure about
other Romney supporters or officials reacted, and even reason to doubt if he is indeed a Romney supporter:

The picture was taken before the event began, so we don't know if anyone objected to him wearing this or if he was later allowed access into a restricted area.

The only manufacturer of shirts like this which I could find came from

Everyone was wearing coats – it was cold that day. So why is this guy in a T-shirt?

There were cameras everywhere, yet this was the only picture of this guy!

Anti-right groups exist whose sole purpose is to infiltrate right-wing events and to dress, carry signs, or act in a way that discredit the right:

If he was a Romney supporter, he would have stayed a long time, and this photographer or other media would have been on hand once campaign organizers arrived and would have taken video, or sequential photos, to show the crowd and/or campaign event staff reacting to this shirt.

Picture taken before the event began
No other pictures or videos exist
Cold day, everyone else in coats and hats
Man's face is not shown
Man is not interviewed

So perhaps you can see why I have doubts as to whether he even is a Romney supporter. But regardless, the fact that he was standing among other supporters, at that moment,
waiting for the campaign event to begin, gives no justification to judge anyone except the man in the shirt.

Dee said...

At least you acknowledge:
1. The t-shirt IS racist
2. It can be purchased at a Republican website (sara palin's)
3. It bears the Romney/Ryan logo
4. This picture was taken at Romney's event.
5. No one chastised him for wearing this Racist T-shirt.

I find it laughable, however, that you attempt to portray this person as somene from the Left. How silly.

You and your side should acknowledge that there are a substantial number of right wing supporters that HATE our President primarily because he is Black and have no problem wearing t-shirts, carrying signs, put up Chairs with Nooses, etc. etc. etc. Many of these right wing supporters are in government positions including Mayors or Judges or Sheriffs who send around broadcast emails with our President portrayed as an African Medicine Man, the White House with a Watermelon patch, or Birther investigations disputing our President's place of Birth.

Whine and whine when WE THE PEOPLE "out" your side when you display your Hate. But guess what, WE THE PEOPLE are going to continue to "out" you and share the truth for the world to see.

Dee said...

BTW, just a quick check and I found thousands of ANTI Obama t-shirt websites:
Here are a few:





Dee said...

Also, I looked at the youtube and saw this guy on the left side of the audience. In the youtube, he put on a Red Jacket -- it must have gotten cooler as the event went on.

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