Saturday, October 27, 2012

"My Party (REPUBLICANS) FULL OF RACISTS!" The Honorable Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

Ed: "what do these comments against Gen Powell say about the Republican party?"

Col. Wilkerson: "My party unfortunately is the bastion of many of those people who are basing their decisions on race. My party is full of racists...the real reason they want President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character or his competence as Commander in Chief as President and has EVERYTHING to do with color of his skin."

Ed: "What does this say about Romney to allow Sununu to say this (Racist Attack against Colin Powell) without any repercussion what so ever?"

Col Wilkerson: "It says Mitt Romney will use any tactic whatsoever to win the White House!"


Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO, Al Sharpton : Voter Intimidators at the voting booth, Tea Party Righties and thugs dedicated to intimidate voters and harass them with questions, to scare Minorities from voting. Right Wing Racists and Extremists that do not want Minorities to vote

Al Sharpton presents an angry elephant that prevents Minorities from voting !

Mike Papantonio had denounced this plan, plot and conspiracy of one million Old White Angry Men to suppress voters by fear, scaring them with false billboards, false guides, and telling them not to vote.

The plan to have one million poll watchers to scare voters with questions, harassing the voter and threatening with jail, fines, etc .....

This is on the verge of Criminal Activity, Voter Intimidation and Voter Fraud. They act only in Black and Latino Areas, they never visit White Areas and Precints.

After all the attempts of Republican State Legislators to deny the vote to Minorities, these are "the last kicks of the drowning man" to avoid Minorities voting.

The solution is to vote early, and produce a big turnout of Minorities.

They have done the impossible with false instructions in Spanish, false billboards telling lies, changing the real dates and locations, etc .... always to avoid the reelection of President Obama.

Not to mention the many Republican State Laws to prevent Minorities and students from voting.

The GOP is very degraded with this Voting Fraud !

Tea Party Group To Profile and Target Latinos At The Polls


beach56baby said...

Really!??? He needs 4 more years?! To get us deeper in debt and to actually succeed in turning our country into the Socialistic state he wants it to be!? And what about the morals of our people being stepped on by this man...let abortion reign and gay marriage prevail...and he's taking our Constitution and shredding it page by page!! NO MORE OBAMA!!!

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