Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fox News and Roger Ailes For Republicans Only!

Fox News promotes themselves as being "Fair and Balanced." Yet, we all know they are extremely Right Wing and pander to Republicans! Do you ever wonder why? The Reason: Roger Ailes, their President. Knowing and understanding more about Roger Ailes should convince everyone looking for unbiased news to AVOID Fox News! (Faux News!)
About Roger Ailes:
Roger Eugene Ailes (born May 15, 1940) is the president of Fox News Channel and chairman of the Fox Television Stations Group. He was a media consultant for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush, as well as Rudy Giuliani’s first mayoral campaign in 1989.
Political consulting:
Ailes served as a political consultant for many Republican candidates during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. His first such job was as media advisor for the Nixon campaign in 1968. He returned to presidential campaigning as a consultant to Ronald Reagan in 1984. He is widely credited with having coached Reagan to victory in the second presidential debate with Walter Mondale.
In 1988 Ailes was credited (along with Lee Atwater) with guiding George H. W. Bush to a come-from-behind victory over Michael Dukakis. Ailes and Lee Atwater scripted and produced the "Revolving Door" ad. He did not produce the Willie Horton ad, which was directed and produced by the National Security Political Action Committee (NSPAC - Karl Rove), but Democrats later charged the Bush campaign with illegally coordinating the ads with the NSPAC. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) investigated the charge and deadlocked on a 3-3 vote, clearing Ailes and the campaign of legal problems. Ailes did not work on the 1992 Bush campaign against Bill Clinton.


Dee said...

Faux News!
For anyone who saw "W", we KNOW that Roger Ailes is nothing but a Right Wing extremist that helped the Bushes and Nixon into office!
And he is the President of Fox News!

Even OReilly said Ailes is connected to the extremists in the RNC and to the Bushes!

No one should rely on Fox News for news!

Dee said...

My Gosh!
Just think of it!!

The guy who put Nixon and Bush in office is PRESIDENT of Fox News!!


Dee said...

My advice to all is,

FOX (FAUX) NEWS are Republican Slanted LIES!

Tell Shawn Hannity to Shut Up and Go Home!!

O´Reilly is Long Past Done!!

Anonymous said...

There is that little thing about freedom of speech in this country. In America we don't tell others to shut up just because we don't like what they have to say. Sounds like you are a fan of Nazism.

Dee said...

The big blow hard Shawn Hannity deserves to shut up, give himself a breath and try to hear other people besides himself speak. But then he is typical of that group.. Ailes, Rove, OReilly, Hannity and they just signed up their buddy Beck. Yikes. Hitler would make a nice addition to their crowd.

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