Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain´s ACORN Ties Makes Palin Look Ridiculous as she and the Right Wingers Try to Connect Obama to ACORN

John McCain´s ACORN ties make Palin look ridiculous as she and the Right Wingnuts try to connect Obama to ACORN. As recently as 2006, McCain was schlepping with ACORN, attending their meetings, looking for their help promoting his Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill and for their support for his future Presidential bid. Now, as ACORN comes under investigation for a few Voter Registration anomalies, Sara Palin is trying to make a case that Obama is responsible for these anomalies. How ridiculous. Right Wingnut Shock Jocks like Limbaugh and Beck are trying to make the same ludicrous connection. The only vague connection they can come up with is back in 1992, when Obama was encouraging voter registration (prequel to Rock the Vote), one of the many organizations also encouraging voter registration was ACORN. It is abundantly clear that the kitchen sink dirty politics strategy the Republicans are currently promoting is both desperate and NOT WORKING!

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The Arizonian said...

This is why I am NOT voting McCain, nor Obama......

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