Monday, October 6, 2008

While Americans Talk About Economy & War, McCain-Palin Desperately Try to Change the Subject!

Americans are desperate for the Presidential Candidates to talk about the Economy and the End of the War. McCain-Palin, so far behind in the polls, ignore the American Public and switch to gutter politics! Why? Because they are desperately Out of Touch! Out of Ideas! And most of all, Out of Time!! America does NOT want 4 more of the last 8 years!
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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Senator Barack Obama hit back at the McCain campaign and the Republican vice-presidential nominee, Gov. Sarah Palin, a day after Ms. Palin made an issue of Mr. Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers, a founder of the radical Weather Underground. In his remarks on Sunday and in his television advertising campaign, Mr. Obama, of Illinois, has sought to pre-empt what he referred to as “Swift boat”-style attacks on his character, like Ms. Palin’s in Colorado and California over the weekend. He also referred to Mr. McCain as “erratic” in an advertisement released Sunday. “They’d rather try to tear our campaign down than lift this country up,” he told several thousand supporters at a rally here Sunday. “That’s what you do when you’re out of touch, out of ideas and running out of time.”


Liquidmicro said...

McCain should be changing the subject to Afghanistan.

Sources: Taliban split with al Qaeda, seek peace

The talks -- the first of their kind aimed at resolving the lengthy conflict in Afghanistan -- mark a significant move by the Saudi leadership to take a direct role in Afghanistan, hosting delegates who have until recently been their enemies.

They also mark a sidestepping of key "war on terror" ally Pakistan, frequently accused of not doing enough to tackle militants sheltering on its territory, which has previously been a conduit for talks between the Saudis and Afghanistan.

According to the source, fugitive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar -- high on the U.S. military's most-wanted list -- was not present, but his representatives were keen to stress the reclusive cleric is no longer allied to al Qaeda.

Details of the Taliban leader's split with al Qaeda have never been made public before, but the new claims confirm what another source with an intimate knowledge of the militia and Mullah Omar has told CNN in the past.

The current round of talks, said to have been taken two years of intense behind-the-scenes negotiations to come to fruition, is anticipated to be the first step in a long process to secure a negotiated end to the conflict.

patriot said...

Gutter politics? LOL! My you sure have a short memory about the nasty personal attacks on Palin that even you yourself have posted in here, dee.

Dee said...

I think the last thing McCain wants to talk about is the Economy. The 2nd last thing is anything about Iraq or the Middle East.
He would much prefer to change the subject and attack Obama. However, the American public knows and understands what he is doing!
Most of us just want to talk about the Economy and we do NOT want 4 more years of the same!

Alie said...

Dee, I don't think that either McCain or Obama are going to be able to "fix" the economy.

The president doesn't really have much to do with the economy. There are economic laws much the same as laws of physics.

If Obama raises cap gains taxes, that's probably going to be the worst thing that he could do in our current economic climate. You do realize that "the rich" will just move their money out of the country, don't you? And stop reinvesting. Plus, we are broke down and busted. There's no more money for all of these big social programs that Obama is promising everyone.

The mess we are in now was a long time in coming and due to negligence and corruption on BOTH sides of the aisle.

We need a reformer in office, and I doubt that Obama is that. He has NEVER voted against his party. He is an uber liberal, always with his party.

McCain OTOH has gone against his party more than once, even to the point of making them livid. I can't see Obama doing that because he came up through the far left Chicano political machine and he owes his political rise to these far left types. He's not going to go against them IMO.

If I had to choose between Obama being a reformer or McCain, I would say McCain is the one most likely to take controversial positions. Although IMHO, I'm not sure that either of them has what it takes to really lead this country in the right direction.

The Arizonian said...

HUD: Five Million Fraudulent Mortgages Held by Illegals

One illegal alien was arrested this year in Tucson after allegedly using a stolen social security number to buy two homes and rack up over $780,000 in bad debt.

Some five million fraudulent home mortgages are in the hands of illegal aliens, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

It's not known how many of those have contributed to the subprime housing mortgage meltdown, but it has affected every state, including Arizona.

The problem began years ago when banks were forced to give mortgages without confirming social security numbers or borrower identification. As a result, illegal immigrants were able to obtain home mortgages which they could not afford.

One illegal alien was arrested this year in Tucson after allegedly using a stolen social security number to buy two homes and rack up over $780,000 in bad debt.


Dee said...

I was with you until you doing the McCain chants.
McCain is one of the most corrupt senators in Congress. Remember Keating 5 and his buddy Gramm. Sheesh!! How soon we forget! The largest reason we are in this mess is due to deregulation! Bush, McBush and their cronies love their deregulation!

Besides Alie, dont you know, the rich moved their money off shore a while ago. Most corporations, including mine, are multi national and have been for some time.

Alie said...

Well, Dee, it is a fact that McCain does not march in lockstep with his party. Obama does. I cannot imagine Obama taking anything except for an uber liberal position on anything.

I will have to look up the Keating 5. I've heard of it, but I heard that McCain was never convicted of anything. I think it happened about 30 years ago which is an entire lifetime ago. OTOH, Obama was sitting in a church based upon Marxist liberation theology with a racist pastor spewing all kinds of anti-American racist rants up until a few months ago. For 20 years he sat there. Not only did he attend the church, but this pastor was a close personal friend and spiritual mentor. That makes more of an impression on me that McCain and this Keating 5. Also, Obama's association with Bill Ayer. No way would I have anything to do with a guy who perpetrated terrorist attacks against his country. He tried to kill people and the point is that he remains UNREPENTANT and claims that his only regret is that they did not do more! How Obama could stand in the same room with this man (as when he stood in this guy's living room while his political career was being launched) is something incomprehensible to me.

So, let's see: Hmmm...on the one hand there is the Keating 5. On the other hand there is Bill Ayers the domestic terrorist who regrets not having accomplished more violence, Tony Rezko, Rev. Wright and Louis Farrahkan, ACORN, and other various and sundry Socialist and far left characters. I don't know, Dee...the scales are kind of a little lopsided here. Going, going...whoops! Tipped clear on down!

These far left looney toons are Obama's power base. How many of them are going to have a place in his administration? I shudder to think.

Here's another thought that occurs to me: the Socialist/far leftists are absolutely over the moon about the prospect of an Obama administration. Why do you suppose that is, Dee? OTOH, the far right absolutely DESPISE McCain. That says something else to me.

Now don't get me wrong. I really do not think that McCain is a reformer. I think Palin is. But, McCain...not really. And I see him as continuing some of the same policies as Bush had. I am not happy about his position on trade for example. Free trade the way the Bush administration has been doing it is not fair trade and does not benefit the American people.

With this horrible economic crisis, the one silver lining is that Obama will not be able to expand the entitlement (welfare) state much. The money just isn't there. But, they guy is just too radical for me.

As many companies that have moved out of the country, there will be that many more if taxes are raised on them. Another silver lining to the dark, dark economic cloud is that Obama's plan to raise cap gains will probably be nixed. Nobody has any cap gains since they lost their $$$ in the stock market.

Tamara said...

My understanding of the Keating 5 scandal was that McCain was the fall guy. He was vindicated.

patriot said...

That is also my understanding, Tamara but it wouldn't be the first time that dee ignored the facts.

Dee said...

Poor Judgement McCain....
For those of you who do not remember the scandal: The Keating 5 (deja vu all over again!)

The Keating Five were five United States Senators accused of corruption in 1989, igniting a major political scandal as part of the larger Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The five senators, Alan Cranston (D-CA), Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ), John Glenn (D-OH), John McCain (R-AZ), and Donald W. Riegle (D-MI), were accused of improperly intervening in 1987 on behalf of Charles H. Keating, Jr., chairman of the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, which was the target of a regulatory investigation by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB). The FHLBB subsequently backed off taking action against Lincoln.

Lincoln Savings and Loan collapsed in 1989, at a cost of over $3 billion to the federal government. Some 23,000 Lincoln bondholders were defrauded and many elderly investors lost their life savings. The substantial political contributions that Keating had made to each of the senators, totalling $1.3 million, attracted considerable public and media attention. After a lengthy investigation, the Senate Ethics Committee determined in 1991 that Alan Cranston, Dennis DeConcini, and Donald Riegle had substantially and improperly interfered with the FHLBB in its investigation of Lincoln Savings, with Cranston receiving a formal reprimand. Senators John Glenn and John McCain were cleared of having acted improperly but were criticized for having exercised "poor judgment".

All five of the senators involved served out their terms. Only Glenn and McCain ran for re-election, and they both succeeded. McCain would go on to become the Republican nominee for president in 2008.

Dee said...

McCain scandals -- Adultery, gambling, the Keating 5, religious pandering, mafia ties, and his junkie wife.


- "The thought of McCain being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me." -- Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi, who has known McCain for 35 years.

- "Look, is this guy, Bin Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted? Most of us have never heard of him before." McCain in 1998, after Clinton shot missiles at Osama

- "Craps is addictive. ... This is a very, very supersitious game." -- John McCain

- "You know why Chelsea Clinton's so ugly? Because her dad is Janet Reno." -- McCain

Dee said...

"McCain Adultery

For a guy campaigning on family values, John McCain has broken up a lot of marriages. When he met his first wife (a swimsuit model), she was married to naval academy classmate of his. After he broke that marriage up, she stuck by him loyally as he went off to war and was a prisoner for 5 and a half years. When he returned to America, though, he found out that she had been in a car wreck and wasn't as pretty. So he had a series of affairs, by his own admission, and dumped his wife and adopted family for a younger, very rich blond (now Cindy McCain.) Cindy, the daughter of a wealthy Budweiser beer distributor, was addicted to prescription narcotics and even stole hard drugs from a medical charity that she ran. In February, 2008, the New York Times ran a big article about the unusually close relationship between John McCain and a young telecommunications lobbyist named Vicki Iseman (who looks uncannily like Cindy McCain did when SHE was 25). They became so close that his staff, convinced they were having an affair, confronted both McCain and Iseman, telling them to back off. Now, a lot of people have criticized the Times for hinting without actually saying that McCain had sexual relations with that woman. But really, it doesn't matter. It's a matter of record that he accepted money and favors from her, spent a lot of time for her, and did favors for her clients. Among other things, McCain wrote two letters -- from a draft provided by Vicki Iseman -- to the head of the Federal Communications Commission -- which was way out of line, since McCain headed the Senate Commmerce Committee, which controls the FCC. McCain's pressure was so outrageous that, even though McCain was in charge of funding his commission, the FCC commissioner wrote a letter back rebuking him for his interference, at the height of McCain's "ethics in government" campaign.

So, was McCain sleeping with her, hoping to sleep with her, or being subconsciously manipulated by a cute young woman? It doesn't really matter. He was being led by his groin into ethical violations. Let's face it, he was 64 at the time and is 72 now. Whether he is still cheating or not, he seems to be led by his dick; witness the videos of McCain checking out Sarah Palin's butt during the speech where he introduced her. "

Tamara said...

Most men are led by their "dicks" as you so disgustingly describe it. No offense to the guys in here. Look at Clinton, just a good ole He Whore!

Dee said...

Tamara, Actually it was a quote from an article about McCain. Thats why I put it in quotes.

Dee said...

I am glad most ANTIs are verbalizing your support of McCain. That way, all of my Latino supporters will understand how important it is to support Obama!

McCain promises to bring 4 more years of the last 8 years. He does not support immigration reform. He never did. He, like Bush, supports a Global Economy and partnerships with the elitists in Mexico and China. He wants the status quo to continue.

He is ruled by lobbyists as is demonstrated by his campaign staff. He panders to multi national corporations. He panders to the same people Bush panders to including the private prison owners who own the Detention Centers. He caters to Blackwater, Halliburton and other big government contractors.

He will appease the ANTIs by continuing the periodic workplace sweeps and suppression sweeps.

McCain is an old school politician who believes in ruling by fear, intimidation, yelling and screaming! His anger problems have been clearly documented.

Dee said...

McCain has a long series of wrongdoings throughout his career. That is clear. And most were not like Obama who merely served on a board with someone who may have committed a crime in the sixties (yet was never charged.) McCain participated and was an active member of the Keating 5. McCain was a strong supporter and friend of Gramm who initiated so many of the de-regulation bills that got us in the economic mess he is in today.

McCain admitted this. In his book, McCain said the Keating 5 was the low point in his life. Lower than his time as POW. Lower than his affair with Cindy when he was married to his handicapped 1st wife. Lower than his divorce. McCain wrote this in his book.

He voted to support Bush 95% of the time. 100% in the last year.

IF he is voted in, he will bring 4 more years of the last 8 years and WORSE! He will bring us 100 more years of war in Iraq and likely World War 3 based on his angry verbal attacks against Iran, Russia, Korea and Venezuela.

His raging temper is well known. He cannot control himself. This becomes clearer as McCain is using the kitchen sink strategy of dirty politics and throwing everything at Obama right now, hoping beyond hope something, anything will stick. He has turned this into a very RACIST campaign, where many in McCains audience are shouting "kill him!"

Plus this 72 yr old man is very ill with cancerous melanoma. And if he is elected and happens to die in office the cantankerous, uninformed neophyte Palin is likely to be Prez along with her interfering 1st Dude. The world is in dire straits thanks to W. We are the laughing stock of the World and many are hoping for our demise.

McCain is out of touch, out of ideas and most of all out of time!

It is time for a CHANGE!
It is time for Diplomacy!
It is time Obama in 2008!

Alie said...

Like I said, Dee, the fact that some of the most radical anti-American factions in this country are also supporting Obama is a red flag to me. What is it that they think he will accomplish that makes them so excited about him?

I do not agree with McCain on several issues; but one thing is clear: the hard right in this country do not support him.

Again, this dichotomy really fascinates the heck out of me.

Dee said...

I do not speak for others on my support of Presidential Candidates. I only speak for myself.

I initially supported Hillary. She is brilliant. She, more than any other candidate, would have made the best president. She won every debate. She is savvy and well respected in both Domestic and International Issues.

She did not win the candidacy.
I spent 2 weeks deciding who I would support.

I decided on Obama.

McCain was the best of all Republican candidates, however, all the candidates were poor. I think most agree.

McCain has issues, but he does have positive aspects. However, the bad far outweighs the positive. I do not want 4 more years of the last 8 years. No one has proven to me anything will be different than the current under a McCain presidency. No one!

Additionally, his temper is scary. He makes friends with no one! He has already made enemies of Iran, Russia, Korea and Venezuela. Plus he does not even know the name of the President of Spain (for Heavens Sake!). How can that be!!!

McCain is scary!!

We need Diplomacy in the next Administration. We need someone who can talk to the heads of state. We need someone who they will respect. I think Obama has proven he is that man!

I think of our current president, desperately uninformed, inadequate and NOT respected. You are smarter than he is Alie. He has made our country a laughing stock. Plus, he is a bully, just like mccain. We are on the brink of another world war. My fear is, if we elect another Republican WW3 is inevidable.

Obama WILL make a marked difference. We will see Diplomacy and discussion at the world leader level. We need respect again around the world. WE cannot have an Anger Management sufferer close to that Red Button, much less the moron he has named as his VP candidate. What a disgrace! This ill, 72 year old candidate selecting a non qualified VP. What disrespect for ALL of our Nation! Scary!!!

Alie, I think the Democrats are STRONGER Americans than Republicans. At least we are offering up 2 QUALIFIED, Diplomatic Candidates!

Alie said...

Well, Dee, you have your heartfelt reasons for voting for Obama and I respect them.

I voted for Hillary in the primaries. But just as you have misgivings about McCain, I have the same uneasy feelings about Obama. For my tastes, he is just too liberal.

I am more of a conservative/moderate Democrat, although I think of myself as more of an Independent--not really Dem or Republican. I registered Democrat when I was 18 because I was raised in a Democratic household. But, they aren't that far left either. They are those people who Obama was speaking about who live in Bitterville clinging to their guns and religion while feeling antipathy towards those who do not look like them.

I agree that Bush is probably the worst president that we've had in a long time. I think he meant well and I don't have Bush Derangement Syndrome. I do think that he kept this country safe since 9/11 which is a big thing. But I'm going to be glad to see this chapter close.

However, I just do not agree that Obama is the answer. In conclusion, I cannot believe that a country with 300,000,000 can't come up with better candidates.

Dee said...

We Did! Hillary!
I blame the media for lambasting her! No one ever has received the mistreatment she received! By both sides!

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