Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Movie "W", Real or a Pile of Crap?

My husband and I met in the 1970s. We were teenagers. We met and fell in love. We used to walk to the movie theater every weekend.
From the time I was a child, I loved movies. I persuaded my husband into the habit when we were young. Then after we got married, and grew as a family, going to the movies every Saturday became a tradition.
Every Saturday morning, I go to and we read "what´s on" and often, we read the movie reviews.
Today, I really wanted to see "W". He did not. So today, as we very rarely, but sometimes do, we went to different movies. I saw "W." He saw "Pride and Glory." He said he enjoyed his movie, but not especially the ending. (In reality, I knew he missed having me next to him, holding hands.)
I said to him, "You were right. You would not have enjoyed my movie." I knew watching this movie would be like visiting a dentist´s office for him. For me, I had mixed reviews.
The movie provided a kind biography for "W." I like biographies, however, even though I do not like W, I almost felt sorry for him. As the story line goes, "W." had a rough childhood. His parents did not believe in him and favored their son Jeb. His brother was brilliant. "W." was not. W was an alcoholic. He was not bright. He fell in with the wrong crowd. He was lucky to find a nice Librarian for a wife. His wife loved him and supported him throughout his career. (I liked that part. What more could a wayward husband ask for?) His friends from Yale supported him in running for Gov. of TX. He met Karl Rove who was the evil brains manager. He fell in with his Father´s political PNAC crowd. (Cheney was the evil culprit of most of his problems during his Presidency.) Upon his win for Prez, they masterminded the evil nature of his Presidency. He also fell under the evil influence of the extremist Christian Right.
All "W" ever wanted was his father´s love and a happy family.
This movie was very frustrating for anyone who watched it.
For the Right, it showed the world their Dirty Political Antics.
For the Left and W, it portrayed "W" as an honest, innocent victim of the evil Right, all in search of his father´s approval.
The end result, VERY ODD and a bit frustrating!


robles said...

I can wait to see it. Probably a matinee. Richard Dreyfuss looks convincing as Cheney in the previews I've seen, though.

The Arizonian said...

considering who made this moving, who playing in it, and just how 'accurate' his previous movies were:
Piece of crap.

I still hate GWB though.

Anonymous said...

Please explain what you mean by the "evil influence of the extremist Christian right". I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you don't mean Christianity is evil. But, just what is the Christian right as opposed to say, the Christian left and what "evil" are you talking about? I think Jesus would like to know. I sure do.

Dee said...

Oh, Dreyfuss was the best. Josh Brolin was good too. Thandy Newton as Condoleeza was a big hoot! You know, Thandy is an excellent actress and I, at first thought that she made Condi look too cartoonish, but once I found out it was Thandy (Crash, MI2), it struck me. Condoleeza has to be exactly like that.

Dee said...

Here are the issues I had with this movie.

Josh Brolin made W appear entirely too sympathic. I wanted to hate W, but in the end, I just felt sorry for him. Brolin is an excellent actor (No Country for old men). Maybe its true. Maybe he could not live up to his father´s expectations and his father favored brilliantly Jeb. W had too many weaknesses, not bright, always in trouble, alcoholic, jailed, needed help to get out of trouble. Then, as Bush Sr. said, "ruined the Bush name" which stopped his brother from becoming Prez.

Dee said...

Dont be silly. Of course I am Christian. I was referencing the movie. In the movie they had a character by the name of Rev Earle Hud (played wonderfully by Stacy Keach).
You know this is the type of movie you have to watch 3 times and go home and read up on the references in between.
Anyway, the Reverend helped W overcome his addictive personality. I read the reference to this "Earle Hudd is a composite character based on a number of Bush's evangelical minister friends, among them, televangelist James Robison, Billy Graham, Kirbyjon Caldwell, C. Lane Boyd, his minister in Midland at the time of the Bible Study Group (1986), and other charismatic Texas preachers such as Tony Evans and T.D. Jakes in Dallas, Ed Young in Houston, and Mark Craig in Austin."

Anyway, after W is born again, he mixes politics and the Christian Right. It wasn´t the Reverend that was evil. It was all those that used Christianity to further their political agendas during the W Presidency.

I am going to study the website to understand more about the movie. Most of the movie was based on W´s book and books of other people that were there.

Did you know that before each meeting to discuss oil, war, political agenda, they closed with a prayer?

The same people who used all the dirty political tricks, including Karl Rove, they said prayers.

Did you know Karl Rove wrote Bush Srs Dukakis dirty political speeches?

Anonymous said...
Please explain what you mean by the "evil influence of the extremist Christian right". I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you don't mean Christianity is evil. But, just what is the Christian right as opposed to say, the Christian left and what "evil" are you talking about? I think Jesus would like to know. I sure do.

October 27, 2008 12:17 PM

Dee said...

You are going to LOVE this part of the movie where Cheney (Dreyfuss) explains WHY we went to Iraq! I wonder if the actual powerpoint is available. The country would LOVE to see it!

You will also like the Karl Rove character. Toby Jones, he´s the guy who played Truman Capote on Showtime. He was fantastic!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the clarification, dee

Dee said...

You are welcome.
Please name yourself so I dont confuse you with the list of anonymous people that come here.

Any internet name will do. Just to differentiate. Select Name-url, then type in your made up name. That will do it.

Dee said...

There was another line that struck me in the movie.

Roger Ailes supported the Bush campaign. Roger Ailes the President of Fox News.

Checking wikipedia it says:
"He was a media consultant for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush, as well as Rudy Giuliani’s first mayoral campaign in 1989."

"Ailes served as a political consultant for many Republican candidates during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. His first such job was as media advisor for the Nixon campaign in 1968. He returned to presidential campaigning as a consultant to Ronald Reagan in 1984. He is widely credited with having coached Reagan to victory in the second presidential debate with Walter Mondale.

In 1988 Ailes was credited (along with Lee Atwater) with guiding George H. W. Bush to a come-from-behind [11] victory over Michael Dukakis. Ailes and Lee Atwater scripted and produced the "Revolving Door" ad. He did not produce the Willie Horton ad, (Karel Rove did)which was directed and produced by the National Security Political Action Committee (NSPAC), but Democrats later charged the Bush campaign with illegally coordinating the ads with the NSPAC"

So much for Fox News being "Fair and Balanced."

This reminds me of what O´reilly during the Mackris affair (on tape and in the affadavit):

"If you cross Fox News Channel, it's not just me, it's Roger Ailes who will go after you. I'm the street guy out front making loud noises about the issues, but Ailes operates behind the scenes, strategizes and makes things happen so that one day BAM! The person gets what's coming to them but never sees it coming. Look at Al Franken, one day he's going to get a knock on his door and life as he's known it will change forever. That day will happen, trust me.
O'REILLY: Ailes knows very powerful people and this goes all the way to the top.

MACKRIS: To the top of what?

O'REILLY: Top of the country. Just look at who's on the cover of his book [Bush and Cheney], they're watching him and will be for years. [Al Franken's] finished, and he's going to be sorry he ever took Fox News Channel on."

Anonymous said...

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