Monday, November 3, 2008

Breaking News! Barack Obama´s Beloved Grandmother Passed Away!

Breaking News: Barack Obama´s beloved grandmother passed away. I am so glad he took time away from the campaign to visit her before her death. I know some in the media chastised him for leaving, but I know he is glad he saw her!
It reminds me of my mother´s passing. She was in her nineties. Her health was failing over the last six months of her life. During that six months, I visited her one weekend each month even though she lived 350 miles away. I am so glad I did. Friends may come and go but family is family your entire life!

AP reports:
HONOLULU: Barack Obama's grandmother, whose personality and bearing shaped much of the life of the Democratic presidential contender, has died, Obama announced Monday, one day before the election. Madelyn Payne Dunham was 86. Obama announced the news from the campaign trail in Charlotte, N.C. The joint statement with his sister Maya Soetoro-Ng said Dunham died peacefully late Sunday night after a battle with cancer. They said: "She was the cornerstone of our family, and a woman of extraordinary accomplishment, strength, and humility. She was the person who encouraged and allowed us to take chances."
Obama learned of her death Monday morning while he was campaigning in Jacksonville, Fla. He planned to go ahead with campaign appearances. The family said a private ceremony would be held later.


Pat said...

I'm very sad to hear this news. Well, I thought you enjoy this video, Dee. It's a pro Obama corrido: Viva Obama!!!

Dee said...

Welcome Back Pat!
I knew you missed us!

Dee said...

Are you back for good?
While my viewing audience has remained stable, it has been a little boring without you!
I hope you come back!!

Liquidmicro said...

This pat is not Patriot. Your wish at having Patriot back remains unfulfilled.

Dee said...

How do you know Liquid?

Dee said...

My numbers have gone up by 2000 since he left, but I credit that to the election.
I still would like good ole Pat back!

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