Wednesday, March 16, 2011

60 Arizona Executives say 'NO' to Russell Pearce and "NO" to more Immigration Bills

So much for Latinos, Immigrants and "Illeegals" being a "drain" on States' Economies! Today, 60 Arizona Businesses sent a direct message to Arizona's ANTI-Latino/ANTI-Immigrant (legal or not) State Rep. Russell Pearce. reports:
More boycotts, more protests, more lost business. Arizona doesn't need this. The state Senate is looking at a reckless, costly and counterproductive package of immigration bills. Senate President Russell Pearce said, in a meeting with the Editorial Board, that he saw no downside to last year's misguided Senate Bill 1070.

Sixty top Arizona executives know the reality. In a virtually unprecedented move, they sent a joint letter to Pearce urging him not to pass any more immigration bills. These are the leaders who cross the economic spectrum in Arizona, from health care and development to tourism and automotive. Their company names are familiar: US Airways, PetSmart, Sunbelt Holdings, Intel Corp. They include The Arizona Republic. They can point to the cancellations, the missed opportunities and the lost jobs.

They know how much Arizona, a state that depends so much on tourism, feels the bite of controversial legislation that clouds our reputation. SB 1070 created such a noxious cloud of bad P.R. that Gov. Jan Brewer put $250,000 into repairing the state's image. And now the Senate is deciding whether to give Arizona another self-inflicted bad eye. Imagine the spectacle of mass protests as Arizona hosts Major League Baseball's All-Star Game for the first time in July.

Arizona is getting a global brand, and it's not the Grand Canyon State, but the place that is hostile to Hispanics and immigrants. The latest package of bills is profoundly divisive in a state with a Hispanic population of 30 percent - and growing. There's a problem: The federal government hasn't dealt with illegal immigration. But it requires a federal solution.

Arizona's latest package of immigration measures is particularly misdirected:
1. There's the unilateral attempt to revoke birthright citizenship and reinterpret more than a century of rulings on the 14th Amendment, an issue that is clearly not for individual states to decide.
2. There's the preposterous attempt to turn hospitals into immigration agents, requiring them to check the status of emergency-room patients. This would be expensive and legally difficult, if not impossible and outright dangerous (if you're injured while jogging and don't have ID with you, do you want the E.R. to waste time trying to figure out if you're legal?).
3. And then there's the "omnibus" immigration bill, which vacuums up half-baked ideas that range from driving to education.

The unintended consequences are breathtaking. And so risky that 60 executives are sounding the alarm. The Senate should listen.


Vicente Duque said...

Thanks Dee, Thanks a million !

Congratulations because you started very early your campaign against Arizona Republicans, their racism and Bigotry.

This is a Great Victory for you !

I know that you are a "Great Soul" .... That is the meaning of the "Mahatma" in the "Mahatma Gandhi" .... or the "Mahayana" that is the "Great Way" ...

Just kidding because I am very happy and playful.

And it is true that I have to consult your blog every day. And I save a lot of time by doing so. Or I find what I would not find otherwise.

Very Important, Opportune, and Useful.


Vicente Duque said...

Amazing Story of Dog Nipper (1884–1895) ( The RCA Victor Dog - "Listening to the Master's Voice" ) - He was named Nipper because he tried to bite visitors in the leg, like Russell Pearce and Jan Brewer with non-Whites, that is why they have been just scolded by their masters, the Arizona Most Powerful Businessmen and Rich Owners of the Game.

Before telling you the beautiful and tender story of Dog Nipper, I want to say this : How can you survive as a Republican Politician if you enrage and cause harm and damage to the Money and Economic Interests of your masters ??

Because masters they are, those rich Businessmen, owners of the "Monopoly Game" of Arizona, the guys that play "Reality Show" all day with the properties, warehouses, stores, factories, buildings, development projects, parking places, and even with the lives and fortunes of common ordinary Arizonans.

They are the guys that pull the strings for Electoral Campaigns and can get you elected or kick you out of office.

Nipper in Wikipedia

Some excerpts :

Nipper (1884–1895) was a dog that served as the model for a painting titled His Late Master's Voice. This image was the basis for the dog and trumpet logo used by several audio recording and associated brands: His Master's Voice, HMV, RCA, Victor, RCA Victor and JVC.

Nipper was born in 1884 in Bristol, England, and died in September 1895. It has been claimed in various sources that he was a Jack Russell Terrier, a Fox Terrier, a Dalmatian, a Rat Terrier or an American Pit Bull Terrier. He was named Nipper because he tried to bite visitors in the leg.

UK immigration experts said...

I have no words to say after reading the above comments.

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