Friday, March 4, 2011

Tea Party Favorites-Republicans: Debbie Riddle, Jan Brewer, Orly Taitz -- SWITCHED AT BIRTH!

The new Bad Anon, with all of their threats, caused me to re-look at the pictures on Google Images which many bloggers reference for their blogs. I reviewed the pictures of Debbie Riddle and saw quite a resemblance between Riddle and Jan Brewer and Orly Taitz. I also looked at associated cartoons of them on these sites. (Note: Most flamboyant personalities in the public domain have cartoons drawn of them to illustrate their often ludicrous views.)
For these three elderly "ladies," the cartoons appear to be interchangeable. Do you agree? Some would say they appear to be "Switched at Birth!" That's funny considering they all have reputations for being ANTI-Obama (Birthers?). Look at the cartoons of them that appear on the web. Can you tell who is who? Hmmmm...they could be used interchangeably.


Anonymous said...

You are right.
I can't tell one from another, and I mean their actual pictures. The cartoons are also interchangeable. LOL.

Dee said...

You are right Anon.

I was just watching Chris Matthews and Cenk Uygur on MSNBC. They were both laughing about Riddle's "except my Maid" bill.

All three of these "ladies" make themselves look silly.

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