Monday, March 21, 2011

Survey of Latino Citizen VOTERS Indicates NEGATIVE View of GOP!

A recent survey of Latino Voters indicates they have a very negative view of the GOP. The survey, conducted by a GOP pollster and consultant, found that Latino voters hold "widely negative" views about the Republican party. The poll began as the starting point of understanding Latino registered voters. The results of the poll were NOT surprising to those of us that have been studying the current political landscape.

The poll found:
1. Latino Voters are Positive about the Democratic Party and hold negative views about Republicans and Tea Partiers.
2. Republicans do not understand that the most important issue for Latino Voters are Jobs and the Economy; then Education; then Taxes & Government Spending.
3. The Major Concern Latinos have about Republicans include:
a. Republicans Favor the rich/wealthy
b. Republicans are Selfish and are out for themselves
c. Republicans have a negative Immigration agenda and do not represent the average person.
4. The vast majority of Latino Voters support Immigration Reform and a Pathway to Citizenship.

When it comes to Immigration (which is Number 4 on their list, most Latino Voters favor:
1. A Pathway to Citizenship. Next, Better Border Security.
2. There is Wide Support of a Pathway to Citizenship
3. Latino Voters much prefer legalizing those here and securing the border Vs Mass Deportation.
4. The Vast Majority of Latino Voters OPPOSE Arizona's Racial Profiling sb1070 Immigration bill(s).

Perhaps the most enlightening aspect of the survey indicates the rate of Latino Citizen Voters is growing significantly and 61% of those surveyed indicate they will vote in 2012 and will VOTE Democratic!

This obviously ALARMED the Republican pollsters and suggested to their sponsors that Republicans make a radical change toward Latino Voters if they hope to be successful in the 2012 elections!



Vicente Duque said...

First, they came for the Native Indians, but since I am not an Indian, I did not give a damn. - Then they came for the Hispanics, but since I am not Hispanic, I just laughed.

Then they came for the Gays, but I am not a Gay. So nothing interesting.

Then they came for Abortion Girls and Abortion Doctors, but I have no Uterus.

Then they came for the Unions, but since I am not a Unionist, I could not care less.

Then they came for the Teachers, Police and Firefighters and I was amused, I am none of them.

Then they came for the Democrats, but since I am not a Democrat, I just sighed.

Then they came for Ugly people, but since I am very handsome I laughed.

Then they came for the Fools and after they took them away Arizona was left empty of people with only cactus and coyotes.


Russell Pearce and his band of Republican Fools are and have been completely monothematic, I wish that Jack Nicholson films "someone flew over the cuckoo's nest" in the Madhouse or Foolhouse of Arizona Republicans.

They are more ridiculous than "Le cirque du Soleil" ( which I like very much ! ) - That is topmost in Extravagance and Indulgence in Folly.

Vicente Duque

guest007 said...

The more conservative party will never be able to appeal to Latinos. AS long as Latinos want the government to tax the crap out of the Gringos and transfer the wealth to Latinos.

If the Republicans support open borders, unlimited immigration, ethnicity based government, very high taxes, and lower educational standards, then whites would soon become extinct in the U.S.

Latino voters should be asking themselves what will happen to the U.S. if there were no more whites and the U.S. has the same culture as Mexico.

Felix Jaure said...

The Dream Act, was the first step in the right direction in solving the problem of illegal immigration.

The steps required to obtain legal status in the country for the children of illegal immigrants would require that within the six year period of temporary residence, student's must have received a degree from an institution of higher education in the United States, or completed at least 2 years in good standing, in a program for a bachelor's degree, or higher degree in the United States," or have served in the uniformed services for at least 2 years."

The bill would have provided under its provisions, immigrants that would make a significant contribution, economically, as well as militarily.

The Dream Act was not intended to be A free path to citizenship as led to believe by the opponents of the bill, but a challenge to each and every individual involved in the program.

Republicans who strongly opposed the bill, calling it another form of amnesty, and a reward for illegal entry into the country were successful in their opposition, not withstanding the advice given by top officials of the Pentagon who favored the bill, along with various civil rights groups.

G.O.P. constituents made their voices heard in the November elections. Top and foremost on their agenda was immigration, which included blocking any attempt in providing a path for the children of illegal immigrants to become lawful citizens.

Could this have been a once in a life time opportunity for America, to finally establish a blue print for all future immigration policies?

Tensions run deep when it comes to immigration. Negative publicity on the matter has played a major role in not being able to find a practical, and logical solution to the problem.

Immigration reform is temporally out of service in Washington. Unfortunately the innocent children of undocumented aliens are caught up in the middle of a political feud between the Hatfield's, (Democrats) and McCoys,( Republicans) with no bipartisan relief in sight. In addition, they face a nation unwilling to take into consideration the circumstances that led to their predicament.

We identify ourselves as a nation of immigrants, and our assessment is correct. At the present time the country seems to be suffering from mass amnesia. Perhaps we should all take a closer look in the mirror, It might just bring back to memory, what America is composed of.

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