Tuesday, March 8, 2011

STOP Arizona's Racial Cleansing Bill: HB2281 -- Support Our Childrens' Education for the Future!

On January 1, 2011, Arizona's HB2281, the Ethnic Studies BAN went into effect. This racist bill seeks to silence the true history of our nation. It seeks to ethnically cleanse the educational system to a Northern European view of American History -- no Manifest Destiny, No Trail of Tears, No Cesar Chavez, No Martin Luther King. Instead, a rewrite of what all students are taught in History Class to an Anglicized rewrite of what people like Rep. Pearce wants them to see!

This Arizona Bill DEMONIZES Latinos. Loyal Americans. This law terrorizes ONE Community! Many in the community wonder, "How did we get under the SPOTLIGHT! We've been Loyal, Hard Working Americans ALL OF OUR LIVES! Why are our Classroom Studies Now Targeted? Profiled! Targeted, in an unfair way!"

Now, a NEW FILM is documenting the thoughts of AMERICANS of Latino descent that have been DEMONIZED by this RACIST, RACIST Arizone Bill! I ask that ALL of my Viewers SEE this video and see this film! I ask ALL of my viewers to VIEW this Youtube Video then GO TO This Facebook Page and Join! Only "in force of numbers" can WE THE PEOPLE win this debate and enable our children to experience the Education they Deserve!

In January, Tom Horne -- author of HB281, in his last act as Superintendent of Schools (now, newly elected AZ Attorney General), declared Tucson Unified School District in non-compliance with the law, thus setting off a 60-day period (deadline: March 4th has been extended) to prove compliance. Horne declared a Tucson school district's Mexican-American program illegal -- while similar class programs for blacks, Asians and American Indians were left standing. The most heinous part of the bill is that it clearly says that compliance with the law can be solely determined by the state superintendent. There is no clear explanation of what getting in compliance means, or any other metrics of compliance, except that the state superintendent, at that time Tom Horne (author of the bill), can decide whether you are in compliance or not.The penalty is 10% of the school district’s budget. If Tucson High School wants to have Ethnic Studies courses, then the second largest school district in the state gets a 10% across-the-board cut, thus pitting teachers against teachers as some faculty may blame those darn Mexican-American History teachers for their own budget cuts. Budget cuts mean layoffs.

How do you prove compliance? You have to convince the new superintendent, John Huppenthal, who ran ads that said “John Huppenthal is one of us, he stopped bilingual education, he will stop La Raza” that Raza studies should continue. The racism is pretty clear, and even worse is that John Pedicone says he respects Huppenthal for his strong convictions. And the new Attorney General who gets to defend the law? Tom Horne.
The members of the TUSD board and the Superintendent say that they want to defend Ethnic Studies. After the new HB2630 was introduced which would end this whole saga, I wondered how many of them would put their words into action. Only one did. Adelita Grijalva. Additional Good News: AZ Rep Sally Gonzales has authored a bill to repeal HB2281, the Ethnic Studies BAN.

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Vicente Duque said...

Yes Dee, the American Spirit from 1776 to our days triumphs over the bigotry and prejudice of a few ignorant Republicans and Tea Partiers.

I am completely sure that the Arizona Racism will be defeated somewhere, in the Supreme Court, the Baseball Field, the Football Field, in Basketball or anywhere. And you and me and many of our readers will put a brick in the cathedral of freedom.

Or it will be defeated in the lobbies of Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Casinos, Hospitals, etc .... when people that are not Milk White stop going to Arizona.

Los Angeles Times : "On immigration, momentum shifts away from Arizona" - Tough Going for Anti-Immigration Bills : Copycats of Arizona SB 1070 have failed in the more than 20 states that have tried to pass these laws
A year after SB 1070 inspired a call for similar laws around the country, other states have failed to follow suit. Only Utah has passed a diluted version.

Momentum has shifted against anti-immigrant bills like Arizona’s SB 1070 in the more than 20 states that have tried to institute copycat laws. Most efforts have failed to gain legislative traction, with bills dying in committee or simply being voted down.

Los Angeles Time
On immigration, momentum shifts away from Arizona
By Nicholas Riccardi
March 6, 2011



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