Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kansas GOPer: Let's Shoot Illegal Immigrants Like Pigs; PLEASE SIGN PETITION TO CENSURE REP. VIRGIL PECK NOW

On Monday, Kansas Republican Rep Virgil Peck said it would be a good idea to control illegal immigration the way the feral hog population has been controlled: "with gunmen shooting from helicopters."

Peck made his comment during a discussion by the Kansas State House Appropriations Committee on state spending for controlling feral swine. Appropriations Chairman Marc Rhoades, R-Newton, said Peck’s comment was inappropriate. Rhoades said he thought Peck was joking, but added, “Hopefully he won’t do it again.” Asked about his comment, Peck was unapologetic. “I was just speaking like a southeast Kansas person.” He said most of his constituents are upset with illegal immigration and the state and federal government response. He said he didn’t expect any further controversy over his comment. “I think it’s over,” he said.

Peck's response was more appalling then his original racist comment. To think that everyone in Southeast Kansas believes that we should respond to immigration by sniping down brown people from a helicopter. Is he saying everyone in Kansas thinks as he does? You might think so if you listen to the comments made by Republican State Rep Connie O'Brien who said in February when she described people with "olive complexion" as immigrants potentially in the country illegally.

Both Peck and O'Brien were unapologetic and said their comments were "innocent" and they were "joking." Peck did NOT apologize until the Governor and others distanced themselves from Peck's racist comments.

Peck's apology was released less than one hour after Gov. Sam Brownback, also a Republican, said Peck should apologize. Ashley McMillan, executive director of the Kansas Republican Party, was also seen early Tuesday visiting with Peck in the Statehouse.

Peck's weak apology on Tuesday said: "My statements yesterday were regrettable. Please accept my apology." He did NOT say this out loud, instead, the coward sent this in a written statement. It appears his apology was to the Governor.

Thankfully, two other southeast Kansas legislators apologized for Peck: "With our rich coal mining history, southeast Kansas is the melting pot of our state," said state Rep. Bob Grant of Cherokee. "I have no intention of letting Rep. Peck brand me with his own extremist views just because I live in the same region."

State Rep. Doug Gatewood of Columbus said, "We want to make it absolutely clear to the people of southeast Kansas that we absolutely do not share Rep. Peck's point of view," he said.

It is obvious that both Peck and O'Brien have been influenced by their Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, the author of Arizona's sb1070. Kobach has represented the (ADL identified) Hate Group F.A.I.R. (John Tanton Network) for years and was elected Secretary of State in Kansas in 2010. He also trained Sheriff Arpaio's (masked goon) volunteers on "how to recognize illegal aliens." As I recently reported, Arpaio recently lost multi thousands of dollars in a racial profiling lawsuit against him.
Viewers: Let's send a message to Rep. Peck that his words ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE and his VERY WEAK apology is NOT ENOUGH! Please SIGN the Petition at Change.org to CENSURE VIRGIL PECK NOW!


Vicente Duque said...

Thanks Dee, for important, opportune and useful information.

These things are not just bad jokes, or "lapsus linguae" ( mistakes of the tongue )

The next explanations of this guy before the journalists that were asking for his reasoning, only complicated the matters by saying that it is the way that people from the South of Kansas speak. He said those words smiling and feeling that he was very funny and smart.


Anonymous said...


By the way, Mexico has the Richest man in the world and Mexico has 5% unemployment.
We have 14 million people out of work, 12 to 20 million Illegals mainly Mexicans here, and 9% unemployment.

Wake up. Do the math. If we don't fix this problem, forget about Public Education, WIC, Food Stamps, Medicaid, as we, the taxpayer who being bled by these people, are maxed out.

THINK about it! We don't need to legalize these people they need to be sent home either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Anonymous said...

Dee, Thank you for all that you do! Hate speech whether said in jest or otherwise is the same. This happened during an official state committee meeting and is on the record. Kansas is full of good people and I'm confident the issue continues to be agressively dealt with. An Arizona 1070 type bill was tabled just this week in committee and extremist legislators are upset. Unfortunately, we have not seen the end of legislation fueled by distorted facts, fear, hate and led by Kris Kobach.

Dee said...

Your diatribe has no url and is completely off topic. This 2nd half of your diatribe seems to indicate you are attempting to either Agree with or Justify the heinous comment by Peck to "shoot them like pigs."

pcorn54 said...

I got a better idea! Let's line all the tea baggers up in a stadium and well, you get my drift!

Anonymous said...

Why the picture of very young children being shot at? Most illegals are adults, not very young children. Attempting to exaggerate again and demonize by using small children to fit your smear agenda? You stoop lower everyday.

Dee said...

So you condone the shooting of adults?
What a horrible comment!

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