Friday, March 25, 2011


GUILTY! A Pima County Superior Court jury found Minuteman Jason "Gunny" Bush GUILTY of murdering 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her Dad. On May 30, 2009, Bush, the 36-year-old friend of Shawna Forde, murdered 9 year old Brisenia by shooting her twice, at point blank range in the face, as she pleaded for her life.

The jury found White Nationalist Bush guilty on 2 counts of first degree murder, a count of burglary in the 1st degree, one count of attempted first degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated assault with a weapon, armed robbery, and aggravated robbery. Jurors now will determine whether 36 year-old Bush is eligible for the death penalty and eventual sentencing.

Bush also faces two murder charges in Washington: second-degree murder in the July 1997 fatal stabbing of Hector Lopez Partida, 29, in Wenatchee; and first-degree murder in the September 1997 shooting death of Jonathan Bumstead, 18, in the Palisades area.


Anonymous said...

Was Bush a member of the BPAUX as Shawna Forde was reported to have been? I heard Shawna Forde trained with the BPAUX but wondered if the rest of her team trained with them at Camp Vigilance too. The BPAUX leaders Carl Braun and Ken Dreger seem really shy about discussing their relationship with Shawna Forde since the murders.

Vicente Duque said...

The Laws of the Game :

The Possibility of a Free Trade Agreement between the USA and ANY Latin American Nation is inversely proportional to the military involvement of the USA abroad ( like in Libya, etc .... )

The number of "Terrorists" or would be "Terrorists" is also directly proportional to the USA involvement in said "Third World Countries".

The number of Border Patrols, Security Guards in the border and "Minutemen" increases in direct proportion with the fear of Bearded Beturbaned Islamic Terrorists. Because the Right Wing drums "Terrorism" for pressing the SB1070 Copycats and the persecution of "Illegals".

The number of Agricultural American Corporations that move to Mexico and Central America is directly proportional to the Peasant Labor that is deported to those countries. The same relation for AgriBusiness Capital.

The number of teachers needed in schools is directly proportional to the number of students, if you evict "Anchor Babies" like four year old Emily Ruiz that was kicked out being an American Citizen then that means that your post and "good and easy life" of a teacher is put in high risk. Emily was kicked out without her parents. The same relation for teaching employment in Universities in a few years. University Professors are also sent to the "Tower a London" to meet the AX ( with capitals ) but they wait a little ......

The Right Wing and Tea Party votes are directly proportional to fear of Immigrants and the Beturbaned Bearded dressed in White Pajamas in my Computer Game "America". But this last law has a lower coefficient during presidential elections. That means that drumming "Illegal Alien" is not so powerful in the presidentials and may be harmful for bigots, but is highly effective in midterms.

The number of youngsters that any Nation needs is directly proportional to its military adventures .... or to its declining Economic Strength ( like in noble intelligent Japan - just low birth rates for decades ! )

So in order to instill more military might and new economic blood ( like buying new homes, diapers, milk bottles and baby stuff ) you may need "Anchor Babies" if your national uterus are failing with low birth rates.

So more Military Involvement abroad brings the need for more immigrants, unless women are superbly productive in their wombs. Because it is impossible to rule the World only with Computers, Missiles and Drones, you need manpower.

Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

These two IDIOTS were never a part in any operation by the BPAUX organization or with the Minutemen California Corps. THey Lied their way into Camp V by showing false ID cards from another organization. When we found they were there we escorted them off the property and told them to not return. End of story.

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