Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Russell Pearce's Lying Substitute Teacher Friend A Wife and Dog Beater!

Russell Pearce's friend, State Congresswoman Lori Klein, read a letter from a substitute teacher, Anthony Hill, on the floor of the Arizona Senate. Klein read the letter from this sub teacher to "prove" that ALL Latino Students are a threat to all White Americans and to suggest these students "Hate America" and support "Reconquista." Klein did not name the sub teacher nor the school, nor any PROOF that the allegations in the letter were true. Yet, they READ the letter into the State Congressional Record, as FACTS to support their supposition that ALL Latinos are a "Threat to WHITE America." AZ Rep Steve Gallardo stood up to Klein and immediately repudiated her racist rant into the Congressional record. However, State Senator Russell Pearce supported both Klein and the sub teacher, Anthony Hill claiming Hill's accusations were TRUE. Pearce even challenged Gallardo, providing the name of the teacher, Anthony Hill. Hill himself, continued to spout his allegations about what happened on that one day as substitute teacher in the one day class. He went so far as to say to those who accused him of racism, "How can I be racist? I have a Latino wife." Now, investigative reporter Paul Rubin, reports the results of his research into the background of sub-teacher Anthony Hill. Rubin's research includes court documentation that says the teacher: 1. Choked his Latino ex-Wife (legally separated) 2. Abused their pet dog 3. Required "Anger Management" training 4. Awarded his estranged Latino wife with SOLE Custody of their children 5. Awarded his estranged Latino wife a RESTRAINING ORDER Hill also: 1. Threatened his work supervisor 2. His estranged wife "fled the marital home with the minor children and all pets! (That's why the restraining order was granted) 3. All the children are in fear of their father and agreed their father was NOT sincere about his past behavior! 4. Court files indicate he was suspended from his job at a supermarket for his "Irrational behavior" and he was hospitalized for depression. This is Senator Pearce's friend. This is the man whose words were read, by State Rep Klein into the Congressional Record. It is clear that Pearce and Klein's agenda is to instill FEAR and HATRED into their WHITE Supporters AGAINST All American Latinos! I hope they read this investigative report and read the court records about this substitute teacher who spent one day in a classroom and Chastised the ENTIRE LATINO COMMUNITY, reading this man's very volatile and negative words into the State of Arizona's Congressional Record with NO FACTS to support them! SHAME ON PEARCE AND SHAME ON KLEIN! I HOPE THEY LEARN FROM THIS!! To read the entire report by Investigative Reporter Paul Rubin, READ HERE!


Vicente Duque said...

Your dog condemns you :

A scoundrel's letter was presented in the Arizona Senate as the production of a good teacher :

The Racism and Intellectual Emptiness of Russell Pearce and Lori Klein that present the letter of the violent and mentally disturbed Anthony Hill as evidence of Latino Evil, Meanness, Lowness, Baseness and Inferiority. They even condemned the Latino Children as "Future Criminals", because of the letter of a poor loser and failure in life with many ugly court records.

Tthere are videos in YouTube that show the great friendship of the past between Russell Pearce and J. T. Ready, this last guy is the leader of the most despicable Nazis of the West Coast. Yes, they parade in the streets of Phoenix with Swastikas, Hitlerian Totenkopfs ( skulls ), and the sig runes ( used as the insignia of the Schutzstaffel (SS) of the Third Reich, criminals and bastards ), these Arizona Nazis also use Images of Hitler.

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