Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America Wins! May God Bless America! May God Bless OUR President!

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Vicente Duque said...

History of the American Empire, Year 2012 : America was saved of a Very Grave Danger, it showed Gratitude reelecting the Great Man and Great President Obama, it also showed Modernity by rejecting the GOP's propositions of Racism, Plutocracy and Misogynist Theocracy

The Forces of Internal Destruction and Degradation were temporarily arrested in the November Election of year 2012. The Empire showed that it had new life and that it could reach new heights of Glory, Greatness and Moral Advancement. After the election there was a beautiful feeling of a new dawn and expecting a beautiful morning with clear blue skies.

It was clear after the election was over that America could still lead the other nations by example and respect and that there was no need to rule only by Violence and Brutality, like in previous times and as the opposition called GOP or Grand Old Party was proposing.

The ugly serpent of racism raised its head in these times of 2008 to 2012 but was beaten for the time being. Those were forces of destruction and degradation that were temporarily arrested.

And the empire continued its ascent led by Obama, one of the Greatest Presidents in its History.

It spoke well of the Nation at the end of 2012 that a so called "black" person could be elected twice as president, after America was condemned for so long a time as one of the most racist nations and most brutal in this respect.

But things were changing for the time being and as I said before there was a feeling of a beautiful morning and a new spring of prosperity.

Vicente Duque

Anno Domini 3,148
From the Moon Ganymede of Jupiter


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