Saturday, November 10, 2012

CIA Chief David Petraeus Betrays Wife and Quits His Job

CIA chief David Petraeus resigned this week. This famous, former general was caught in the oldest game in the book. He had a sleazy affair with a journalist and co-author of his biography, Paula Broadwell.

What does this say about a man's ego. This reminds me of John Edwards. Both men had so much power with so much potential for more. Yet, they fell into the dastardly pit. They succumbed to a temptress' siren's call.
How could they do it?
How could they betray their wives who were their childhood sweethearts? How could they betray their families? How could they betray their country?

Petraeus' extramarital affair with the coauthor of his biography, Ms. Broadwell, came to light in a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) query into a completely unrelated compromise of a government computer system. Although no criminal charges are pending for Petraeus or Broadwell, it has been reported that Paula Broadwell has been under investigation by the FBI for suspicion of having access to Petraeus' email.

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