Sunday, November 4, 2012


DEPORTATIONS! Republicans Lie to you and tell you President Obama's policies are the reason for increased Deportations. WRONG! The PRIMARY reason for the increase in Deportations is the Racial Profiling Policies in Republican States. The County with the HIGHEST RATE of Deportations in the entire Country is (wait for it) Arpaio's Maricopa County. Who wrote the racial profiling bills? Kris Kobach, Mitt Romney's Immigration expert. Mitt Romney who said he wants "Mass Voluntary Deportation" and will VETO the Dream Act on Day 1!
Here's the Statistical Analysis I did in May:As initially proposed, the Secure Communities Program should have worked. During these times of War, our Law Enforcement groups within Federal, State and Local communities should work together and they should search out and find dangerous and felonious criminals. They should utilize technology to help them to this end. The program should have been implemented flawlessly, with a focus on targeting felonious criminals. It was not. It was developed and introduced during the Bush Administration, broad-brush, with the focus of using technology for Deportation.
I’m a bit curious about the intent of the developers of the program. Were they taking into consideration the political agendas of the many local law enforcement agencies with “right wing” perspectives? Did they consider the potential for racial profiling? Did they consider the cost of the mandatory 48 hour holds and who would pay for these costs? Did they take into consideration the inaccuracies of IAFIS and the impact of misidentifying innocent (primarily Latino) citizens of wrong doing resulting in wrongful incarcerations? Did they plan for the expansion of costly private prisons?

It appears they did not effectively prioritize the program to focus on Felonious Criminals. Instead, the program has resulted in a very costly program with the end objective of Mass Deportation of all Undocumented Immigrants while Racially Profiling a high rate of innocent Latino Citizens.
In the summer of 2011, the President attempted to make corrections. He attempted to reprioritize the program to focus on Felonious Criminals. His efforts are facing extreme resistance by the Republican Party. The Republican base, particularly the Tea Party advocates, are pushing for Mass (voluntary) Deportation of the 11M here and they are using “Secure Communities” as their method of accomplishing their goals, all under the cover of protecting our country from terrorists. Their colleagues in various Hate Groups are demanding “Attrition through Enforcement.” Kris Kobach from the hate group FAIR and author of sb1070 is a surrogate for Mitt Romney. He has been a key spokesperson for stronger deportation measures. He is the author of many of the Anti Immigration Reform bills currently being advanced at the State level, in Republican governor states.
The problems with the “Secure Communities” program are primarily the fault of Republicans. Although some of the blame falls on the Obama Administration. They were too trustful in believing they could correct the abuses of the program with a statement, letter or ruling. They have been too slow in stopping the most abusive, corrupt sheriff in the History of America. Arpaio's racial profiling has continued. Congress has not moved forward in pushing Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
I am a strong supporter of our President and I do believe there are solutions to these problems. My recommendations to our President and his Administration in his 2nd term are as follows:

1. Indict Joe Arpaio. You have the evidence. Do it now, not only because he should be held responsible for all of his abuses, but his indictment will serve as a symbol to all abusers of power who blatantly racially profile. They too will be held accountable for their crimes.
2. Strengthen and Fine Tune/Streamline “Secure Communities” and change the name to “Secure America.” We all want the program to identify and deport dangerous felonious criminals. Work with local law enforcement to focus on Felonious Criminals (L1s) only. You will save Billions by streamlining the program plus you will speed up the process of deporting the Felonious criminals. Get a top 100 list – 2 decks of cards. Find them. Deport them. You would do more to protect America by chasing after the criminals and NOT the workers or the students. All of these saving will allow you to foot the bill for the holding of these felonious criminals.

3. Include America in on the conversation. Talk about Arpaio, the racial profiling, the Felonious Criminals, the costs – with no one willing to pay. You will get an argument from Republicans, but it is time to talk about it. We will help you. We will also ask the same questions to Republicans, to Romney. We will ask him “Do you support Racial Profiling?” “Do you support Arpaio’s abuses?” “Do you support Mass Deportation?”

Mr. President, we Latino Americans can help you in metamorphasizing this program to improve Security across America, significantly reduce costs and put an end to Racial Profiling. In your second term, we will not only support you but we expect you will pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform and hold racial profilers accountable for their actions.

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