Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Open Letter to OUR President FROM Latino Voters

Dear Mr. President,

As is evident by OUR Win Last night, 70% of ALL Latino Voters voted for you. We followed your first four years. We realize you are a good man, an honest man, a good husband, a good father and a Great President. You are a strong leader. You faced so much adversity these last four years.

You accomplished so much during your first four years and we appreciate you.
We know that you passed the Lilly Ledbetter Act, captured Osama Bin Laden, pulled us out of a wrongful war in Iraq - with a promise to bring home more of our troops and rule with diplomacy. We are respected again across the world. You passed the Affordable Care Act. You pushed through the Dream Policy. You corrected the wrongs that occurred during the Secure Communities Policy.

RACIAL PROFILING: So much Racial Profiling has occurred during the hate-filled racial profiling policies drafted by the far right, led by Kris Kobach and F.A.I.R. which began in Arizona and with Sheriff Arpaio. WE LATINOS HAVE EXPERIENCED SO MUCH HARM as these policies were rolled out across many other states. Let me state, here and now. WE LATINOS HATE BEING RACIALLY PROFILED and WE WILL NOT SIT STILL AND ALLOW THESE RACIAL PROFILING POLICIES TO CONTINUE. We are Demanding From You, Mr. PRESIDENT, to STOP THIS RACIAL PROFILING, ONCE AND FOR ALL!! NOW and Going Forward. THIS IS OUR PLEA! End this Immediately. NO AMERICAN SHOULD BE RACIALLY PROFILED!

HATE CRIMES: We know that you have forwarded our concerns to Attorney General, Eric Holder, to fight against Latino Hate Crimes, including the murder of .Marcelo Lucero, the Chilean Students and Luis Ramirez. We know that you stopped the ICE Raids and dramatically decreased the round-ups of immigrants sent to Private Prisons. We stood side by side with you as you fought against Sheriff Arpaio who wrongfully attacked you. Even though you did not pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform or the Full Dream Act in your First Term, WE AMERICAN LATINOS stood by you. We continue to stand by you. WE THE PEOPLE Support You.

Now,that your Second Term is about to begin, BEYOND ENDING RACIAL PROFILING AND ENDING HATE CRIMES, we ask:
1. Pass the FULL DREAM ACT: The time is right. Partner with Republicans. Now, even they realize this is the right thing to do. It will be easy. This can pass quickly. This will be a visible, immediate demonstration of your response to your many supporters.
2. Sheriff Arpaio: For Heaven's Sake. There is so much documentation and so many videos of his racial profiling and wrong doings. Please. Once and for all. Indict him for ALL OF HIS CRIMES.
3. Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Please begin a bi-partisan commission to FINALLY begin drafting a Bill. Include a pathway to citizenship.
4. STOP THE RACIAL PROFILING BILLS: As stated, this should be First but I am putting it 4th because I realize the complexity of this issue. Stop  bills like sb1070 -- those bills drafted in various states, drafted by kris kobach designed to racially profile ALL Latinos and people with  Brown Skin. For Heaven's sake.
This should be a no-brainer. WE LATINOS HATE THESE BILLS. We don't want to be the target during Arpaio "Suppression Sweeps."
Please understand. We just want to live our lives, just like everyone else. Heck. We've been here hundreds of years and the utter audacity of being subjected to these "sweeps" just because we have Brown Skin is not only demoralizing, it is a crime against Humanity. Just Stop It!
5. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE NOT THE ORGANIZATIONS: Now I'm probably going to piss a few people off here. But let me tell you the truth. Listen to the Latino Americans Voters, NOT to large groups or organizations with Deep Pockets, claiming to represent us. WE Latino American Voters RALLIED AND VOTED FOR YOU because of 1 - 4 above, not because WE were coerced or cajoled by various organizations. We have been motivated by blogs, twitter, facebook and by own experiences. We are young. We are old. We are rich. We are poor. We come from every people - from every day Americans, NOT deep pocketed groups with their own agendas.
6. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE. Start your own demographic groups. Rely on people WE respect like our Heroine Dolores Huerte, Luis Guitierrez, Raul Grijalva and the Hispanic Congressional Caucus. Listen to people, whose various ethnicities originated from Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central, Southern American and create a NEW task force.
Bring in our own stars who started from grass roots like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, George Lopez.
Listen to our Bloggers. Latina Lista, Immigration Clearinghouse, Citizen Orange, Vivir Latino, Dreamer Prerna Lal, Unapologetic Mexican, Raciality, Indigenous Xicano, Yave Bennet, Dos Centavos, Long Island Wins, and me. We'll even include the Republican side like Ruben Naverette and Dee Dee Garcia Blase.

As I've listed, each of these items should not be tremendously difficult. All we are asking for is Justice, Equality, Fair Treatment, and a right to pursue the American Dream - recognizing that Education and Hard Work are the Great Equalizers. We are not Asking for a Hand-Out. We are just asking for a Hand Shake.

Thank You President Obama. We voted for you. We believe in You.

God Bless You. God Bless America.

With Much Love,
Immigration Talk with a Mexican American


Bibi K. said...

Thank you for this post. It's always inspiring to see people say what others are afraid of saying. I look forward to more of your work, as a fellow immigrant I also agree it's time for there to be some movement in this community.

Vicente Duque said...

Thanks for your excellent letter Dee, I agree 100% !


HuffPost : The share of the Latino vote increased in Nevada (up 4 percent), Florida (up 3 percent) and Colorado (up 1 percent). Increased turnout and increased support for Obama among Latinos exceeded the margin of victory for the president in these three swing states.

Mitt was buried by Women, Blacks and Latinos in the graveyard of History. He will be a Footnote in History Books. Here is the Arithmetic :

From Huffington Post :

"The Latino vote, which increased as a share of the electorate (from 9 percent in 2008 to 10 percent in 2012) and broke even stronger for Obama than in 2008 (from 67-31 in 2008 to 71-27 in 2012, according to CNN exit polling)."

My Comment :

There is something more Important than storm Sandy, more important than Mitt Romney's 47% Stupidity in Boca Raton Florida before the Millionaires of the Fundraiser. More important than the TV Debates.

And that was Mitt Romney pandering to Racists and Haters during the Republican Primaries. Let's do some Arithmetic :

Obama had a 58,720,700 (50.1%) to 56,145,950 (48.4%) lead on Mitt Romney for the popular vote.

58.7 plus 56.1 is a total of 114.8 million votes plus a tail.

so the 10% is 11.48 million Latino votes ( roughly ! ).

and the 71% of that number is 8 million votes ( approximately ) that voted against Mitt.

8 million Latino Votes for Obama and less than 3 million for Romney from Latinos.

So Mitt was buried by 5 million net Latino votes that he could not make up with a Shrinking White Electorate. This is his Harvest of Racism !


Huffington Post
How the GOP’s War on Voting Backfired
By Ari Berman
November 8, 2012


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