Monday, November 19, 2012

Why Latinos Won't Vote for a Republican

Republicans clearly do not understand Latinos, nor do they understand our work ethic. Romney and other leading Republicans continue to say WE LATINOS want "Gifts." Republicans are extremely insulting and clearly don't understand Latinos!

No. We don't want gifts. We want to be treated EQUALLY. We want to be treated RESPECTFULLY.

If Republicans truly understood Latinos, they would KNOW that we, as children, are instilled with a HARD WORK ethic. As children, our parents taught us: "Work Hard. Do a Good Job. Never take hand-outs. Work for everything you earn. Never take welfare. It will destroy you."

My Dad worked 3 jobs. He worked in the factory. He was a painter for his own private business. He hauled saw dust for the factory. Dad was always working. Often he took us with him .. to learn.. to understand .. to instill in each of us a good work ethic. We thought he was strict. He was.

What so many Republicans, like Romney, don't understand is, WE DON'T WANT A HAND OUT. WE WANT EQUALITY.

Here is our Demographic:
1. Hard Working

2. Family Focused
3. Christian, Mostly Catholic
4. Humanitarian & Caring
5. Enjoy having a good time, but mostly with family.

Political Views:
1. Equality for All
2. Champions of the Underdogs
3. Will quietly demand equality and stand up for ourselves

Now LISTEN TO THIS ROMNEY: We may not ALL be Business Owners. We may not ALL be millionaires. However, we are ALL the Vital Cogs needed to Nation Build our Beautiful America.
Without the Planters there would be NO CROPS.
Without the Seamstresses, there would be NO CLOTHES.
Without the Foundation, there would be NO HOMES.

We don't ALL have to be Business Owners, although I know we have more and more Latino business owners.

People like you MUST UNDERSTAND that you Must Have the Middle Class, the workers in our democracy, in order to build and grow and continue to be the Greatest Nation on Earth.
Know this.
Respect this.
You don't understand this.
 Our President, Barack Obama does!

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