Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Cultural Divide: Election 2012 - Your Vote Will Determine Our Future

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Vicente Duque said...

An army of thousands of Latino Students is Canvassing for Obama, across America, not only in Swing States, but also in Arizona and other "Red States". - They are learning in the best school of Politics and Persuasion : The street !

They are in the University of Knocking Doors and persuading voters to go to the Polls. - They are learning the Art of convincing others and Grass Roots Politics.

Treat them with kindness and Friendliness because these Youngsters are very important for the Political and Economic Future of America. They are not snake oil salesmen, but are going to be great Political Sales People in America's Future.

Greet them and talk to them because they are humble, modest and kind to everybody ! - And perhaps you learn something !

Some of them are not of age to vote, others can not be American Citizens right now, but they will have that option under the Presidency of Barack Obama, a Great Man and a Great President. - Some of them do extraordinary efforts to be A Students at High School ( with the best grades ) but get out of the classroom each day to canvass for Obama, even if tired, they can tell moving stories of families, of suffering and fear, but also of overcoming difficulties and obstacles.


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