Thursday, November 15, 2012

Romney and Ryan Blame their Loss on "Big Gifts to Latinos, Blacks & Young People."

Yesterday, Romney Said Obama Won Because He Gave ‘Gifts’ To Blacks, Latinos and young people. Ryan agreed with him.
We ALL know about the gifts Romney and Ryan received from the 1%.
The question I have for Romney: What GIFTs has anyone given to Blacks or Latinos?

My father taught us a very long time ago, NEVER accept welfare. NEVER accept handouts. The only way to be successful in life is to work HARD, every day.
We Latinos have a strong work ethic. WE have worked every day, all of our lives, since we were children. We NEVER take hand outs. We educate our children. We go to church. We believe in Family.

I am highly insulted at Romney and Ryan's remarks.

Romney/Ryan: We Latinos didn't vote for you because of your ANTI Latino rhetoric. You supported the racial profiling laws like sb1070. You supported Sheriff Arpaio. You supported "Mass Voluntary Deportation." You supported drafting laws that make us 2nd Class Citizens.

I am glad Romney/Ryan lost.
I am tired of their rhetoric and their support of the Rich 1%.
GO AWAY Romney and Ryan. Your 15 minutes are UP!

BTW: What we need are statistics that show what rate of voters on social security, medicare and medicaid (the so called 47%) actually voted for Romney. Since many "Teapartiers are ON THIS LIST, My guess is that this rate is pretty high.


Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO, Cenk Uygur : Mitt Romney blames Obama for his defeat : Mitt says : "Old Playbook of wooing specific interest groups - especially the African-American Group community, the Hispanic community and Young People - with targeted gifts and initiatives"

Those are Mitt's unadultered words ! :

"Sour Grapes" Mitt Romney, crying over spilled milk. -- "If you lost an eye, Saint Lucy does not help", Saint Lucy is the patroness of good eyesight and protects all of us against diseases of the eyes.

The "School Bully", "Brutal Barber", "Fake Cop", "Well Oiled Weathervane", "47% asshole" wants to be protagonist after being thrown out to the Garbage Dump of History !!

This is the same Mitt Romney that wanted to conquer the Black Vote by telling African Americans that his ancestors had slaves - Good Luck Mitt !

Cenk Uygur tells us that Mitt is very cheap, stingy, and yes Idiotic and Racist !

Cenk Uygur says that Mitt is a "Racist Freak" - Of course, Cenk !!


Anonymous said...

Thank God Romney and Ryan didn't make it in. It would have set this country back 100 years - AT LEAST. Signed a white woman who KNOWS a racist when she sees one!

Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO, Rachel Maddow : ".'Republicans Are Obviously Furious' With Romney Over 'Gifts' Comment" - "The last kicks of a drowning man". - "Praying to Saint Lucy after having an eye taken out" -- "From the hanged man take the hat"

We have to take the hat and the shoes of Mitt Romney because this guy has been hanged from the scaffold ( at least politically ). And Mitt was hanged by the American Citizens, not by President Obama that had to suffer this machine gun of Lies, Hypocrisy and Cynicism that is Willard Mitt Romney.

The "drowning man" kicked the President one million times saying that Obama was a failure and a loser.

Loser Mitt is now in the garbage dump of History and is getting some stench in that ugly place !

He jumped like Aesop's Fox and he found that the grapes were very sour !

Rachel Maddow: 'Republicans Are Obviously Furious' With Romney Over 'Gifts' Comment

Published on Nov 15, 2012 by Buzz sourse

Rachel Maddow may have spoke too soon when she said last night that we may never be able to hear from Mitt Romney again, because during a conference call that came out today, Romney said he lost the election because President Obama promised voters "gifts." Maddow highlighted Romney's comment to make a point that many Republicans are publicly rejecting what he said, forcing them to specifically explain what is wrong with that line of thinking.


Anonymous said...

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