Wednesday, November 14, 2012

John McCain Makes Fool of Himself!

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Vicente Duque said...

John McCain and the Republican Party continue in Fantasyland


VIDEO : Why the Republican Party is going to fail in Immigration and in 2016 - Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Graham may be good and nice people, but they talk a lot of blather and useless bullshit on Migra - NOT realist or practical

My guess and prediction about next four years and year 2016 :

Probably there won't be any Immigration Reform in Obama's Second Term - Only Obama's Executive Orders - GOP Racism and Stubbornness won't allow it. -- Racism is a very powerful addictive drug and there are no rehab clinics.

The GOP may win the Presidency in 2016 ( scant Probability ) but this will cause a great division and conundrum in America. If the Best of the Best in Republicans speak so much foolishness tainted with some traces of Old Republican lies and misconceptions then the GOP is going nowhere in 2016.

I strongly doubt that the Republicans are going to help in Migra Reform. NO WAY !

Let's concede that the GOP may win in 2016 ( scant possibilities ), in that case this is going to divide America and create Great Chaos.

Boring and Foolish Blather on Migra :

I do NOT consider Huckabee and Graham as bad guys, they are not KKK. They may be the best of GOP, but listening to their conversation I see why the Republican Party is going to continue failing with Latinos and all Minorities.

They are still contaminated with Romney Hood, Romnesia and Romnopoly ! - For these two gentlemen Hispanics are a Segmented Market to conquer and nothing else !

By watching Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Graham I see a lot of what is not realist or possible. They are not practical, and they have no decision for what they preach. They are just reacting to a great defeat in a hasty way, without thinking, out of fear of being dissolved in nothingness.

Wait until there are more Republican Primaries filled with Racists and Haters and you will see how foolish is the chat of these two great gentlemen.

The GOP is not going to be reformed in four years, they need to lose two or three more elections before landing in dry land. Because now they are in Fantasyland, flying with the fairies.

It was the Fairy Tales of the GOP that caused this Great Defeat, and Mitt Romney was the ideal candidate for a Party of Lies and Hypocrisy, of Myths and Bullshit.


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