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A Latina Falls to her Death at 6 Flags Due to a Careless Attendant; Websites Blame HER for her Own Death!

I am heart broken.

A Loving Mother, Rosy Esparza, took her children for an outing at 6 Flags on Friday and, due to a careless attendant, she fell to her death.

Early reports indicate the attendant did NOT secure her harness and at the First Huge, Dropping Turn, the harness unclicked and she fell to her death. Her loving children tried to race to her, but they were stopped by attendants. When ambulance attendants arrived, they found she was dead.

Witnesses are saying when Rosy first sat in her seat, the attendant did not "triple click" the safety harness as they did for all other riders. Instead, only 1 click was heard. Witnesses say Rosy asked about the clicks and asked if she would be safe. The careless attendant responded that Rosy would be just fine.

A person waiting in line for the ride who witnessed Rosy falling said she thought Rosy had a problem with her safety belt. “She goes up like this, then when it drops to come down, that’s when it [Rosy's restraint] released and she just tumbled,” Carmen Brown told WFAA-TV.

Another witness 2 seats behind Rosy tweeted: "Literally just witnessed someone fly off the Texas Giant two seats in front of me," Joshua Paul Fleak tweeted. "Restraint came undone, coaster turned and she was gone."

Rosy is dead. When the ride was over, her loving children attempted to rush to Rosy, but they were held back until the ambulance arrived nearly 30 minutes later.

News sites are flooding across America and across the World, reporting about Rosy's death and the careless disregard by the ride attendant.

However, with each news reports, vicious commenters are Attacking Rosy and blaming her for her own Death. They are viciously attacking her for her weight. These commenters are FILLED with HATE and ATTACKS toward Rosy. They ATTACK Rosy for being over-weight,. They DO NOT attack the attendant for not doing their job. They DO NOT attack the attendant for NOT ensuring her safety harness was Triple Clicked. Instead they attack Rosy, a Latina Victim, for Being FAT.

My family and I have frequented this park on a regular basis. I've seen people who ride the rides. There are numerous men who are much taller and heavier than Rosy. The attendants ensured THESE MEN were secure and safely harnessed. However, the attendant who serviced Rosy apparently disregarded Rosy's safety. Obviously they DID NOT CARE what happened to this Latino Mom who carried a few extra pounds.

I know we need to wait the results of the police investigation about this incident, however, since Friday, the internet is FILLED with hate filled comments by HATERS who are attacking Rosy for her size. Let me provide you a few of the hate-filled comments from NY Daily News. It's not just the NY Daily News. Countless websites across the web are attacking Rosy, the victim. Here is a sample of the attacks of this Beautiful, Loving, Latina Mother, Rosy Esparza:
Jon Joslo1 hour ago

NEVER should have been on the ride to begin with. Personal responsibility has to come in to play at some point in one's life. Tragedy that could have easily been averted.
Jon Joslo:
Jon Joslo1 hour ago

NEVER should have been on the ride to begin with. Personal responsibility has to come in to play at some point in one's life. Tragedy that could have easily been averted.
NEVER should have been on the ride to begin with. Personal responsibility has to come in to play at some point in one's life. Tragedy that could have easily been averted.
Anne Cregan:
Absolutely!! People have to know their limitations. We are responsible for ourselves.
Weight capacity? Maybe...
Since when is being fat considered normal and OK. The reason we see fat people as disgusting is because genetically we are programmed to look for the best traits to pass on to our progeny. A fat parent usually passes down their lazy behaviors and or (not scientifically proven) genes, and eating habits. We still cant blame genes for fat people because if that were true, you would have seen a larger proportion of fat people going back thousands of years, this is not the case. Fat people are a creation of a lazy, super calorie culture that supports and enables people to essentially be a plant. Everything comes to you, rather than you working towards other ends. I walk over 3 miles a day on top of an exercise regiment and healthy eating. I guarantee if half of the fat people in America took these 3 simple steps, they could cut their obesity in half if not more.

Tonight, we ALL Cry for Rosy and Pray for Peace for her Children! She is NOT at fault for her own death. And she is NOT At Fault for all of these Hate Filled Attacks against her.

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Anonymous said...

I too agree that she should not be bashed or blamed for being overweight, BUT, your article makes me fell like you are also a "basher".
You have no idea if the attendant was to blame, in fact, msny say the restraints on that ride don't ever click and the woman who "witnessed" that was wrong!
Your article also seems to try to make it look like she wasn't treated fairly because she was Latina! Why would you put in bold letters MEN? As if they would have treated her differently if she were a man?!
I am sorry but i do not feel you article does anything else but try to make it look like her death was caused by some sort of discrimination! How about we wait for the reports before we start making our own conclusions!
Rest in peace Rosy! Such a sad story! May your family find strength to make it through this tragedy!

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