Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boycott Florida! Boycott ANY State that Passes the Stand Your Ground Law!

As  grandmother, I am so saddened by what I am seeing following the Trayvon Martin Murder Case. Now the Jurors are beginning to provide us the behind the scenes happenings as to why they made their "Not Guilty" decision. What they are revealing is Mind Boggling. It is proving my greatest fear. Children, especially children of color, are NOT Safe in our society.

All Humanitarians in our Country should BOYCOTT Florida! We should Stand Strong and ensure that Florida LISTENS to our Message. The only method they understand is through their Pocket Books. That means we must BOYCOTT FLORIDA! Don't Vacation There. Don't shop on line there. Stop Funding Florida and their Racial Profiling Ways!

White Juror B37 (part of an All White jury) was on CNN last night and told us what all the White Jurors thought as they made their decision about the Trayvon Murder case. Her interview makes it abundantly clear that the jury was NOT properly selected. They were ALL biased against minorities.

White Juror B37 sympathized with "George." They believed "George" when he claimed Trayvon Martin attacked him. ALL of the White Jurors disregarded the testimony of Trayvon's friend Rachel Jeantel. Juror B37 said she NEVER BELIEVED Jenteal. She said she thought she was NOT credible.  She said (in a very patronizing way) that she "felt sorry" for Jeantel. She was "inarticulate." She didn't understand Jeantel. (Of course Juror B37 is very rich and has a rich lawyer husband.)

Juror B37 related to "George" as she continued, "I think George is a man whose heart was in the right place, but just got displaced by the vandalism in the neighborhoods, and wanted to "Catch Them!"

Juror B37 added, "But I think his heart was in the right place. It just went terribly wrong." If anything, George was guilty of not using "good judgment," she said.
"When he was in the car, and he had called 911, he shouldn't have gotten out of that car," she said.
She also said she believes Martin threw the first punch in the confrontation that followed.
"I think George got in a little bit too deep, which he shouldn't have been there. But Trayvon decided that he wasn't going to let him scare him ... and I think Trayvon got mad and attacked him," she said.
White Juror B37 said "Georgefelt his life was in danger before shooting Martin, and she felt it was "George's voice" that was heard screaming for help in 911 calls, the juror said she believes. "He (George) had a right to defend himself," she said. "If he felt threatened that his life was going to be taken away from him, or he was going to have bodily harm, he had a right."
It is very clear. Juror B37, one of the Jurors who supposedly was one of the 3 who initially wanted to convict Zimmerman, is a White Elitist who DOES NOT and CAN NOT relate to minorities. She admittedly TOTALLY DISREGARDED the testimony of Rachel Jeantel. She couldn't even understand her. Instead, she and ALL OTHER WHITE JURORS Immediately Related to George Zimmerman.
I blame Juror B37 and ALL OTHER racist jurors being on the jury -- for the Verdict.
It is very clear. The Defense CONNECTED with the Lilly White Racist Jurors.

It is also very clear that the Prosecution wanted this Trial OFF of Their List.
They treated this trial as a checklist.
They wanted this case OFF of their trial list. They wanted this OVER.
The Prosecution did get this trial "over!"
Unfortunabely, a child is DEAD and the Killer is walking the street. "George" also received his gun back.


Anonymous said...

The left is scrambling over themselves crying foul over the verdict of six "white" female jurors in Seminole County, FL who heard testimony, saw evidence, and deliberated before finding a resident of the Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community in Sanford, FL not guilty of murder after shooting a 17 yr old walking home from a 7-11 due to the fact that the defendant was acting in self defense after being assaulted by the young man.

This entire fiasco was engineered by the liberal Democrats to increase racial tensions and divide people for political purposes. The state of Florida never had a prayer of getting a conviction, because there was not even a scintilla of evidence to support their contrived version of events.

We kept hearing "all we want is a trial".

A trial took place and now the Dems are upset because the verdict didn't come out the way they had planned things politically.

The left is claiming that "justice must be done" - but they ignore that justice was done - George Zimmerman was tried and found not guilty by six women who, far from deciding emotionally as the prosecution hoped they would, rationally examined the evidence and applied the law, and came to the only verdict that matches the truth of what happened: not guilty.

The irony is that while castigating the verdict, the left is also impugning the character and judgment of six women and pulling the race card just because they were all white. Shamefull!

Dee said...

It's not the left. It is ALL Humanitarians in America. Have you looked at a picture of the Protesters?
The vast majority of True Americans are Opposed to this wrongful verdict for the Murder of Trayvon Martin.
Re: Racists -- You and Ann Coulter say "Hallelujah" to the wrongful verdict. You and Tea Party Republicans including AM Right Wing Radio. Why is that? You DON'T call that Racism?
But I tell you what Anon. When Eric Holder and the DOJ bring forward Civil Rights Violations against GZ, come back and share your kind thoughts.

Vicente Duque said...

In which country in this planet Guy 1 can follow Guy 2 in the dark and kill number 2 with a gun ??

Even if Guy 2 tried to defend himself ( Self-Defense of Guy 1 is only a hypothesis )

And Guy 1 gets away with it ??

Where ?? --- Where ??

Celeste said...


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