Thursday, July 18, 2013

Regardless of Our Differences, I am Confident of the Future of America! May God Bless America! May God Bless OUR President Barack Obama!

I've been thinking so much about the Trayvon Martin case, the state of Minorities in America, the dysfunction in Congress, Edward Snowden, the media, the leaks, so much division.

At the same time the Nation is evolving. More and more we are becoming a multi cultural, multi racial America. We are evolving to an America where race, ethnicity, age, sexual preference, gender doesn't matter at all.

I do believe our country has evolved, regardless what the extremists believe.

I still think we have the Best Country in the World.
I still believe that the American Dream is possible.
I still believe that you, me -- each of us -- can achieve the American Dream.

May God Bless America.
May God Bless Our President, Barack Obama!

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