Saturday, July 13, 2013

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman - A Dead Teenager and an Angry Adult: A picture is worth a Thousand Words!

BREAKING NEWS: (10:00 pm ET, 7/13/13)
ALL WHITE JURY aquits Teen-ager Trayvon Martin's Killer from Murder/Manslaughter Charges!
No Justice for Murdered Black Teenager!
Fox News and Right Wing Media Celebrate!
For those that are defending George Zimmerman, the man who Killed a young teenager, Trayvon Martin, please look at the picture of the young, dead teenager. The prosecutor showed them to the jury on Friday. The media hasn't shown them until now.

While the right wing media is attempting to portray young Trayvon as a black thug who attacked Zimmerman, the pictures tell what actually happened.

Young Trayvon was coming home from the store going to his Dad's apartment a few doors down.
He wore skinny jeans and a gray hoodie.

So young. So innocent.
Shot dead. He lay on the grass.
No blood on him.
No scratched up fists.
No sweat pouring down.
Not scary looking. Just an innocent young boy, walking home. Shot dead on his way home.
The picture is worth a THOUSAND Words.


Vicente Duque said...

Thanks Dee

My sympathy is with the young adolescent Trayvon Martin

I would not like someone armed and persecuting me or my son or nephew, just because we look suspicious

Hollis said...


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