Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy July 4th to Our Beautiful Multi-Cultural Society where ALL People are Free AND Equal!

Happy 4th of July to ALL Viewers of my Blog.
Thank you for reading my pages.

As I've often said, I LOVE AMERICA!
Many of my viewers, particularly the ANTIs, often ask me, "Why do you have these pictures?" "Why do they say 'I am an American?'" "The girls look Latino AND Asian. What are you saying?"

I always respond. These pictures depict the Real America. Our Evolving America. These are Beautiful, Multi-Cultural Americans. These are 1st generation Americans of every, beautiful ethnicity. My family is Latino, Black, White, Asian, Native American. So is America!

The ANTI's call the multi-cultural American Babies -- "Anchor Babies." The ANTI's denigrate them. They chastise them. They have made several efforts to introduce NEW LAWS to change the 14th Amendment -- the Birthright Citizenship Laws. The ANTI's talk about supporting the Rule of Law -- But Only Laws they AGREE with, not laws, like the 14th Amendment and the current Birthright Citizenship laws that they strive to change. The ANTI's chastise these Beautiful, Multi-cultural Faces! They DEMAND a Change to the 14th Amendment! How Un-American!

These same ANTI's are now present in the Right Wing Extremist Tea Party groups that are AGAINST the Immigration Reform Laws. These groups are Demanding a 2000 mile fence, a Change to the 14th Amendment, and English Only laws.

We True Americans understand what they are doing. Their Motivation is STRICTLY based on their racial biases.


Vicente Duque said...

Congratulations to all Americans and many other people to become American Citizens in next years.

And thanks for beautiful and intelligent reporting to Dee


Cheri said...

This is awesome!

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