Monday, July 15, 2013

As A Grandmother, I DO NOT Support the "Not Guilty" Verdict. It is Time for Zimmerman to be Charged and Found Guilty for his HATE Crimes!

I am saying this as a Grandmother.
I  am so saddened by the results of the Trayvon Martin case.
A young boy was killed. He died. He just went to the store. He bought skittles and an iced tea. He was just doors away from his Dad's condo.
Then a neighborhood watch vigilante racial profiled him.
I listened to the 911 call.
Zimmerman: Suspicious Guy. Looks like he's up to no good. On drugs.. Looks Black. Wearing Dark Hoodie and tennis shoes. He's near the clubhouse. He's ... AND he's a Black Male. Button on his shirt. Somethings WRONG with him. He's got something in his hands. This asshole. They always get away. When you come to the clubhouse....Shit .. he's running. Entrance of neighborhood. Back entrance.
... 911 Operator: Are you following him? We don't need you to do that.

It is clear, by the 911 call alone, that Zimmerman racially profiled Trayvon. I truly believe this was a Hate Crime.

The Prosecution did a poor job. Very Poor. They didn't argue the evidence. They never explored the racial aspect at all. It is clear Zimmerman racially profiled 17 year old Trayvon. That's why he followed him. That's why he disobeyed the 911 operator's direction NOT to follow.

Zimmerman's lawyers successfully argued that Zimmerman was afraid and responded with a gunshot. But tell me, how can a grown adult with a gun be afraid of a 17 year old child? How on earth is that possible?

George Zimmerman said TWICE on the 911 call: "Black Male" "Black Male." He added on "Up to No Good." "On Drugs." How could Zimmerman know this? How? And WHY is it justification for shooting a 17 year old.

The 911 tape tells us Zimmerman followed Trayvon. The 911 operator told him NOT to follow. Zimmerman refused to listen and continued to follow.

We don't know what happened next. All we have are Zimmerman's words. He lied several times to the police, changing his story several times. And now, WE THE PEOPLE are told to believe him. I don't.

I suspect that Zimmerman ran up on Trayvon. Trayvon turned around. They scuffled. And Zimmerman shot him dead, in the chest.

What is interesting now is that Zimmerman now has his gun back.
The Far Right Wing is CHEERING the verdict. Ann Coulter said, "Hallelujah."
The Tea Party Republicans, Fox News, Talk Radio, all those that HATE President Obama -- are cheering and applauding the verdict.

All those that support this verdict, I ask you:
-- If it was your 14 or 17 or 20 year old son or grandson who was walking home from the store, who just bought skittles and an iced tea-- that was visiting you for the weekend. If a George Zimmerman shot your son/grandson because Zimmerman thought he looked suspicious, would YOU Support the VERDICT?

I think NOT!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, get a grip will you? The trial is over the evidence was there for the jurors to see and to form their decision from but you know better?????

Geezus, seek help for your years of lies, racism, and pathetic attempts to smear anyone who disagrees with you. As a grandmother I would be ashamed of myself if I were you!! But with your psychotic mental state you are unable to think rationally. Why doesn't your family think enough of you to drag you to a shrink?

Anonymous said...

17 year old child? A 17 year old is not a child, you idiot!!

You forgot to mention that this so-called child was bashing Zimmerman's head into the cement you biased POS! I would fear for my life if someone did that to me. God, please get some counseling! It isn't just about this issue but the hate and lies you have spewed in this blog for years now. Ever wonder why hardly anyone agrees with you and therefore you have hardly any comments to post?? Does that ever register in your demented brain?

Anonymous said...

What the hell does hate and Obama have to do with this? Does everything having to be about politics to you? Most conservatives do not hate Obama they merely object to his politics just like they disagreed with Clinton's politics. Everything is an excuse to bash conservatives with you! WTF is wrong with you? I know many Democrats that feel justice was served and the right verdict was reached. You lying POS!

Felix Jaure said...

Dee, I've been following your blog for the last two years, and I must say you have won my respect, not that I'm by any means anyone special. Nonetheless I believe what is right is right. My condolences go out to the family of the Trayvon Martin. I have no intentions whats so ever to argue this case with you or anyone else. We must remember however to place the weight of the law of the land equally upon both ends of the scale without adding the weight of prejudice or emotions to off set the balance of justice. May God bless you and yours, Felix.

Vicente Duque said...

I agree with you Dee !

Dee said...

I respect you too and thank you for following me for 2 years.
We can disagree. I think we have disagreed on 2 topics. This topic and re: Mark Sanford.
Some may say these are both "Women" issues.

I have 2 sons and 2 grandsons. I love them with ALL of my heart. As teenagers, everyone acts goofy at times. But I object to Racial Profiling and someone following, stalking and attacking them.

You and I disagree on this issue. We probably will never agree on this issue. I am super protective of my children/grandchildren, and I will NEVER change. I have no apologies for this. However, I also advocate for your right to disagree with me at any time.

And, just for you Felix. I published the comments of the ANTI's. They STALK my blog. I get dozens of these types of comments with each post. When I first started my blog, I didn't moderate, however these stalkers are on the attack every day, for every post. It's been 2 years since I started moderating and STOPPED publishing their very vile comments. But THEY DON'T CARE. They still send me these vile messages EVERY DAY. I don't want my readers to have to view their bile so I usually don't post them. However, because I respect you so much, I want you to see what I and MOST EVERY LATINO BLOGGER has to deal with every day. I have many fellow Latino Bloggers who are forced to moderate their comments due to these heinous stalkers.

I hope you continue to view my blog. I do respect you very much. We do disagree with you on this issue.

Just to let you know, I am going to continue to write about this case because, like the Luis Ramirez case, I believe a Civil Rights Violation occurred.

Take Care Felix and please keep reading my blog.

With Much Love and Respect,

Charmain said...

This is fantastic!

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