Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Love Your Grandma and Let's VOW to allow Social Security and Medicare to CARE for our Senior Citizens!!

As a consultant, I speak to American Seniors every day.
We talk about their current status. We talk about Social Security. Have they gone to to obtain their estimated view of their Social Security payments at 62, 66 and 70? Have they started tracking their budget – their expenses vs. their income? Do they have any retirement savings? Do they have ANY PLANS if Social Security should go away tomorrow?

It is always interesting to have this discussion. Most Americans DO NOT have a plan if Social Security should go away. In fact, over 50% of Americans do NOT have a retirement plan nor retirement savings and RELY completely on Social Security AND Medicare for their retirement needs.
Today, most people on Social Security are paid between $1000 - $2000 a month. Most have paid into Social Security ALL of their lives. MOST view Social Security as their Retirement Plan, since they have paid into it through their payroll ALL of their working lives. I don’t know of ANY Americans (who have paid into Social Security via their payroll for more than 10 years) who view Social Security as an “Entitlement.”
Over the next 20 years, as the Baby Boomers achieve retirement age, we will have the Highest Rate of American Seniors relying on Social Security as their primary source of income.

What is going to happen if a Republican is elected into office and successfully ENDS Social Security and Medicare? What will happen to the 50% of American Seniors that RELY on Social Security and Medicare as their Sole Source of Sustenance?
The ONLY PEOPLE that want to END Social Security are Republicans who CARE NOTHING about our Seniors!
I ask ALL Caring Americans to be ever vigilante and VOW to allow Social Security and Medicare to CARE for our Senior Citizens!!  Please Care for your Grandparents through Social Security AND Medicare! They have Paid Into this program ALL of Their Lives!


William Clune said...

I really doubt if any Republican wants to or would eliminate or reduce reduce Social Security or Medicare plans.
The two greatest thefts of these programs were committed by Democratic Presidents: President Lindon B Johnson stole funds from S/S to fund his great society & President Obama stole Medicare funds as well halted cost of living increases to S/S for 3 years to fund his health plan.
Please check your facts.
I usually enjoy your comments, but this time you are very Wrong.

Dee said...

I am glad you read my blog.

I appreciate your feedback, but do want to share that I am very informed on the current processes for Social Security and Medicare Enrollment. I have been working with Seniors for the past 10 years in this regard.

While I appreciate your feedback re: Lyndon Johnson, it was Ronald Reagan who raised the Social Security Tax from 10.8 percent to 12.4 percent. Plus it was under his watch that Social Security benefits were actually taxed. He also took money from the Social Security trust fund to help pay down the debt.

Additionally, it is Paul Ryan's plan to privatize Social Security.
And it is the very Republican Heritage Foundation's plan to cut social security and establish Means Testing. (A horror show for anyone who has an earned pension.)

Additionally "Obamacare" is closing the "Donut Hole" and it will be closed by 2020. The cuts you indicate are not cuts to Medicare for recipients. They are CUTS to Healthcare providers and cuts to waste and cuts to Fraud.

I did a column back regarding "Boomers on Social Security" and the impact to our future. I'll post it again. We need to start planning now for our future.

Celina said...


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