Friday, January 25, 2008

Credible Sightings Covered Up? Why?

UFOs are being spotted all across our skies. Over the past few weeks, credible sources have spotted them in Texas and Chicago. Some of the credible sources include Pilots and United Airline employees. In Texas, at first the military denied any sightings or involvement. Then, this week, they confirmed there were F-16s conducting tests in the area. What is interesting is the witnesses (some pilots) said they saw the F-16s chasing the UFOs. In the Chicago area, United Airline supervisors and airport employees saw the UFOs and reported them to the authorities, yet the authorities did NOT maintain public record of these reports. It was only after a detailed investigation by reporters that these sighting reports were confirmed.
Additionally interesting is that in both of these sightings, the UFOs were generally described as silent, apparently changing speeds and passing over populated areas. Some of these UFOs were as large as "a Wal-Mart building."
With all of these confirmed sightings by credible witnesses, one thing is clear. Something is happening. Is the Government conducting tests of equipment they do not want revealed to the public? Or are they trying to cover up actual UFO sightings? In either case, it is time the government lets us know what is really going on.


Liquidmicro said...

More 'illegal aliens'!! We don't need any MORE 'illegal aliens' (voice of Gold Hat).

mirrorism said...

I like this post!

UFO's have been spotted in the skies for centuries now so it's not the government.

I believe they look down us and judge us to be the primitive barbaric savages that we are; I hope they one day save us from ourselves!

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