Friday, January 11, 2008

Hillary of the People!

Las Vegas Review Journal is Reporting:
LAS VEGAS STOP: Clinton pitch hits home
People in the Las Vegas neighborhood saw all the cameras and trucks and buses and police on the streets Thursday, and they began to trickle out of their houses to find out what was going on. Soon, as a sherbet-orange desert sunset filled the sky, they got their answer, as New York Sen. Hillary Clinton began walking up the street of low-slung houses near Eastern and Washington avenues, accompanied by the area's representative, state Assemblyman Ruben Kihuen. Clinton hugged Kihuen around the shoulders and asked about his family, and then the two began knocking on doors, the same doors Kihuen knocked on nearly two years ago in his first campaign. Clinton spent more than an hour in the predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhood.

Gilberto Santana, 38, sat on the edge of a chair as Clinton sat on the brown leather sofa in his living room next to his wife and two young children.Santana told Clinton how his wife, Elizabeth, a housekeeper on the Strip, was barely supporting the family single-handedly while he was unable to work for two months because of an operation. "We're sort of struggling," he said. "We're getting there, but you have to be strong to make it."
Clinton asked the couple questions about their mortgage and his disability payments, and answered his questions about immigration and the war and health care costs. Stroking the 4-year-old girl's head, Clinton said, "I feel so strongly that if we don't take care of our children, we don't take care of our future." Santana said, "We are going to do everything we can to make sure that everyone in Las Vegas votes for you."

That is the warm, earnest, human side of campaigning, politicians comforting people with detailed explanations of how they will solve their problems and flattering them with their presence.

There was nobody who didn't know who the Democratic presidential candidate and former first lady was, even if they didn't speak English or weren't old enough to vote. They flocked to her for camera-phone pictures, and she posed in tableaux of adorable multicultural children...
Today, Clinton is scheduled to travel to Los Angeles, where she will give a policy speech about the economy and what kind of stimulus she believes it needs. "I think we're slipping toward a recession," she said. "A couple of people that I met on the street, they work in construction. They tell me it's slowed down." She reiterated her doubts about the caucus process, which requires in-person, on-time participation. "That is troubling to me," she said. "People who work during that amount of time, they're disenfranchised. People who can't be in the state or are in the military, they cannot be present. ... If people feel like there's no reason to participate or they can't, then that's the same thing. So I think it's a problem."

Clinton and her busload of traveling press moved from there to the popular local Mexican restaurant Lindo Michoacan, where a "roundtable" that was actually square passed a microphone around to tell her people's concerns about the mortgage crisis and foreclosures. She took notes and munched on tortilla chips. In broken English, one woman told Clinton how she wasn't making money as a broker anymore. "I have no income at all," she said. "So how will I survive?" Choking up with emotion, the woman said, "In my neighborhood, there are brand-new homes, but the value is nothing. I'm glad you are here so I can tell you, because you're going to be the president, I know." A man shouted through an opening in the wall that his wife was illegal. "No woman is illegal," Clinton said, to cheers. Summing it up at the end, Clinton said, "We've only talked to a few people, but each of them talk about some part of the problem we are confronting. This is a problem that is only going to get worse if we don't address it."


dianne said...

I just read this on Drudge. You forgot to bold this statement "No woman is illegal."

Get ready to roll out your wallets, folks, cause Hillary's plan is gonna need it.

patriot said...

Well, that does it for me. Hillary would never get my vote now based on her hispandering to illegal aliens.

Dee said...

Pat, Go ahead and vote for Ron Paul. Write his name in if he is not on the ballot. Follow your heart!

ultima said...

Presidential Candidate out there pandering. She will do anything to improve her chances for election to high office including selling her country down the drain. This shows how little she really cares about America and how far she is willing to go to get elected. Shame on anyone who votes for her.

ultima said...

She makes McCain look like a prince, almost acceptable but he is not beyond pandering either. Why is it no candidate had the fortitude to seek the middle ground on immigration, especially on the illegals already present. I see another 1986-type disaster on the horizon. That will not be the end, it may not even be the beginning of the end, but it will certainly be the end of the beginning moving us into a whole new phase of Mexico Norte.

ultima said...

""No woman is illegal." A euphemism at best; at worst, an outright lie according to U.S. law.

mirrorism said...

LOL, as if you were thinking of voting for her before, Patriot.

Ultima, Ronald Reagan, the hero of all republicans, sold his country down the drain?

Dee said...

Ulty, Hillary was wonderful in Vegas! I have to give her credit for going out into the community and talking to real people. I have been reading the blogs. They LOVE her in Vegas!! She is doing absolutely the right thing.

I believe Hillary is a front runner and has a very good chance of becoming President in 2008.

patriot said...

FYI dee, I don't know where you got the impression that I support Ron Paul becaause I don't. I will however support Mitt Romney.

Hillary just sealed her fate anyway. She may get the vote of those Hispanics who are ethnocentric traitors to this country but she is toast with most White Americans and guess what....the majority rules, lol.

patriot said...

mirror, Reagan didn't anticipate that after the 86 amnesty that our borders wouldn't get secured as promised either and that amnesty was far less in numbers then what we have in here today.

dee, the only ones who loved Hillary are the ethnocentric Hispanics like yourself and the illegal aliens. She has sealed her fate with real Americans now.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a broad coalition of people in America united against immigration from Mexico - this matter seems to be largely settled by the new law in Arizona and the rush to implement similar laws in other states.

That issue is settled - let's discuss the next debate - there are rapidly escalating pogroms against white christians all over europe. In certain cities in Sweden, simply having blonde hair is an open invitation to rape by muslim immigrants. ( ) In amsterdam, simply being white and gay leads to violent attacks and even murder ( )

It is clear that there will soon be millions of white christians fleeing Europe as persecution of christians at the hands of muslim immigrants heats up. ( )

Will America allow these immigrants in ? I personally have no sympathy for the "antis" that make so much noise against mexican immigration. I think that as the first waves of white christians from Europe apply for asylum, the antis that came out so strongly against mexican immigration will open the gates

What about the pros - the people pushing hard for incresed immigration from mexico - it is hard for me to tell whether they will welcome these new arrivals.

The numbers are potentially staggering -

This is the next big immigration debate that america needs to have - better to start the debate NOW, when the number of whites forced out of europe is very small, rather than waiting for the coming flood

patriot said...

anon, cut the BS. We anti's are not just making noise about illegal alien Mexicans. It is about all illegal aliens.

If White Christians start fleeing Europe because of religious persecution, we would still expect them to comply with our immigration/refuge laws.

I have a hunch that the pro Hispanics for Mexicans illegals today would also expect the same. It is they that would have the double standard, not us.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect, patriot, the question is about the numbers

if 100 million highly educated white christians from europe want in, will you legally let them in ?

patriot said...

There is an annual quota on the number of immigrants we will allow into this country. 100 million would be way over our quota. That is way too many immigrants at one time. That would create a huge population growth and an assimilation factor is involved too. My answer would be, absolutely not!

Anonymous said...


i hear you.

I respect your position

What i am saying is,

i put forth the following scenario.

30 million mexicans send a letter to the us government politely asking that the laws be changed to allow them to legally move to the us in order that they may get jobs that pay more than they can get paid in mexico

i am certain the us government will say no.

however if 100 million white christians in europe write a letter asking to be let in to the us due to persecution and violence against them by the muslims in europe, how will the us government answer?

i mean i am certain that 90% of the us population is against 30 million folks from mexico coming in, in am NOT certain that the us population is against 100 million europeans coming in .

I am not advocating that the 100 million europeans be allowed to legally come to the us, i am simply saying that this issue has never been put before the us population or the us government - it is a brand new issue to consider.

patriot said...

anon, I think what you are actually trying to do is to insinuate that White Americans are racists and therefore they would allow in the White Europeans but not a lesser amount of Mexicans. In all actuality there is a certain amount of truth in it (but not that many in numbers) because White Europeans are more culturally like ourselves. But even so, it has nothing to do with racism.

ultima said...

We would need a baseline like the number already present somewhere between 1948 & 1968 and then measure the 30 million additional Mexicans against that baseline. The 30 million might already be here measured in that way. Use the same baseline period for the 100 million European illegals. The latter would be far below even a 30 million figure. Moreover, no one at this point could show Muslim persecution. That is still in the future. The Europeans already know about that problem but haven't figured out what to do about it. They have the same problem in that regard as we do; they want the cheap labor but not the identity problems that come with the labor supply. We and they should begin a major repatriation of Muslims now before it is too late. We are already teetering on being too late with the Mexicans as can be readily observed by the pandering to Hispanics in the current election. Soon whites will be irrelevant in elections because no one who takes a stand against birthright citizenship, chain immigrations, amnesty, expanded legal immigration ,etc. will be electable. The future is now and it's not pretty.

Europeans would probably see the opportunity to immigrate to the U.S. as trading one ill for another, perhaps two-fold Mexican and Muslim, given our present policies.

My belief is we are being incredibly stupid and shortsighted about population growth in general and immigration in particular. Our population should be stabilized and our immigration laws simplified so that those who have the skills we need and are not available domestically can be quickly imported in the appropriate numbers while all others are actively discouraged through duplicate and mismatch ssn letters and prompt deportations plus an accelerated development and installation of border infrastructure. Without this we are doomed to sink into the morass of overpopulation, joblessness, crime, corruption, cultural problems, bilingualism, poverty, disease that characterize to some extent the countries from which legal and illegal immigrants come. Why is there so little discussion of our future? Why is the focus only on mass legalization of 12-20 million illegals? Why is no major candidates speaking about what our country will be like 100 years from now if we continue on the present path? Surely they can't believe a population like that of China or India or Bangladesh will serve us well with our dwindling natural resources? Surely they must understand that we cannot solve any greenhouse gas problem solely with technical means at the same time our population is doubling. I fail to understand why they avoid talking about this. I guess they like corporations have in mind only the short term bottom line and will let someone else worry about the longer horizon when it its too late to do anything useful about it except accept our new status as a poor country with a much lower standard of living.

ultima said...

"There seems to be a broad coalition of people in America united against immigration from Mexico - this matter seems to be largely settled by the new law in Arizona and the rush to implement similar laws in other states."

As well there should be! It is not just Muslims who will discriminate given half a chance. Hispanics are already doing it as well as we have seen from the testimony of many who live in California, a state of becoming Mexifornia, and the Hispanic leaders in the state and in la raza, Mecha, the brown berets, educators,and the reconquistas.

The problem can only be solved with draconian immigration laws fully implemented and enforced. I would begin by declaring the Islam the antithesis of American culture and mores such that none can be admitted and those here must be repatriated to their homelands perhaps in trade on a one for one basis with Christians uncomfortable in the Islamic countries.

We should outlaw all bilingual signage, eliminate birthright citizenship for any who do not have at least one citizen parent, grant birthright citizenship only when the child reaches his or her majority or who enlists in the armed forces for not less than 4 years, end chain immigrations or at least count them against the overall quota, gradually reduce the quota for all immigrants to not more than 200,000 per year, use duplicate and mismatch letters to identify, detain and deport illegal aliens, meter those who are allowed to stay or return based on our needs demonstrated by irrefutable evidence presented by employers and confirmed by local unions, complete the border infrastructure and border patrol staffing improvements, all deportations must be involuntary and those who return must be jailed and put to work on the border infrastructure if they wish to earn any money. Get the picture. Consider the alternative - Mexico Norte gradually becoming Muslim Norte.

ultima said...

"She is doing absolutely the right thing."

Yes, pandering has always been an effective political tool but is it good for America or just good for the Hispanics or illegals who will profit from her pandering? It's a PR stunt pure and simple: go to the grassroots, tell 'em what they want to hear, tell 'em you feel their pain, make all kinds of promises you won't or can't keep, say whatever is necessary to get their votes or their support evne if it means Mexivada. She's no dummy and she knows all these tricks having studied at the foot of the master. Her Clintonesque behavior is exactly what I expected. It appalls me to think anyone would applaud this blatant, politically inspired soap opera. This is what is one of the worst characteristics of American politics -- tell 'em what they want to hear in a setting designed to portray yourself as the savior of all mankind, one with a ready answer for every problem faced by our nation, knowing full well that for every complex problem there is a simple answer that is wrong.

-- signed the resident cynic

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for the perspective of the pros and the perspective of the antis when it comes to immigration from mexico.

in my opinion this whole debate over folks from mexico is much less important for the future of the US than the debate over immigration of muslims.

Think about it. Very few folks from Mexico come here and set off bombs. Mexicans were not responsible for september 11th.

Muslim immigration can lead to a US in which dirty bombs are exploding in each of our biggest cities, people are assassinated like in Pakistan, I mean truly terrible stuff.

I would like to see the pros and antis on the question of mexican immigration get together very quickly and come to some compromise. So that we can formulate a restrictive policy towards the real threat - muslim immigration.

I mean no disrespect to the people involved in the debate over how many fine folks from mexico should be allowed to come to the US or stay in the US. There are good people on both sides of that issue.

But please do me a favor and read some of the websites put up by people in europe who are trying to deal with the problems of muslim immigration.

i humbly submit that you will agree that the future of the USA is more dependent on what we do about muslim immigration than what we do about immigration from latin america

From a realistic political standpoint, i think you could build a much larger coalition, much more quickly, if you focused on ending muslim immigration rather than on anything having to do with immigration from latin america. No one wants to hear this from me but i would say that it is likely that most mexicans and mexican americans would find common cause with anglos and want to work together with them on this issue of muslim immigration.

patriot said...

anon, I haven't a clue why you have any respect for the pros. Maybe you could enlighten us on that. Population wise it doesn't matter if they are Mexican or Muslim. The damage would still be the same with a high influx of too many immigrants. The very fact that millions of Mexicans have been able to sneak thru our southern border, leaves the very real possibility that terrorist have been able to sneak right in with them. In fact the FBI Director has already said so.

We need to end illegal immigration and send ANY illegals home. No compromise! We should be concentrating on securing both of our borders to deter terrorism and illegal aliens and that includes Latin Americans too. Are you saying that we can't do both and for both Latin Americans and Muslims?

Anonymous said...

what i am saying is that you can't accomplish everything all at once

90% of the muslim immigration is legal. you have bill gates pounding the table aggressively to get muslim computer programmers let in to the usa.

if you agree with me that LEGAL immigration to the usa by muslims is a much bigger problem than illegal immigration by latin americans, then I would encourage you to consider pushing towards a compromise with the pros, a compromise that may not be perfect, but that will build a coalition against muslim immigration

just think of the bigger picture here. the us public has a limited attention span. they can't focus on both issues at once

there is another thing at play here - there are plenty of muslims already living in the us with wealth of more than 100 million dollars. they aggressively give money to political candidates here in the us.

the danger is growing very rapidly

consider making peace with the pros in order to deal with this

Dee said...

Are you saying we should establish and enforce Draconian Laws to ensure assimilation to a Plain Vanilla, Northern European, English only, Christian model?

How Mayberrian!


Anonymous said...

patriot and ulty

i know you have the best interests of america at heart

but think about the bigger picture

you can probably build a coalition with most of the pro mexican groups if your mail goal is to end muslim immigration to the us (legal and illegal)

you have to choose your priority

i humbly suggest you devote your time to the muslim issue, since your enemies there are very powerful

Dee said...

I am a little surprised by where this discussion is going. You are talking about legal immigrants of Muslim descent that live here in the US.

What are you proposing happen to them? Are you proposing they abandon their religion and become Christian?

What are you advocating?

From my perspective, I continue my same beliefs:
1. Secure Borders
2. Employer Sanctions
3. Bring the 12M out of the shadows

Anonymous said...


i hear you loud and clear

let me be blunt

In the UK, muslim immigrants were welcomed. Many of them became economically successful.

The muslims came to the UK legally. and they became citizens.

Now some of the muslims who came legally and are citizens of the UK are or plan to become terrorists. Opinion surveys show 100 thousand UK muslim citizens are ready willing and able to support the terrorists. more than 10 thousand say they plan to actively help the terrorists blow things up in the UK

Dee, i think you are an open minded person.

Take a few minutes off from the debate here in the US and read about what is going on in Europe.

I think that you will find that the experience that Europe has with muslim immigration is much worse than the US experience wtih immigration from latin america

I repeat, the legal muslim immigrant community produced terrorists and suicide bombers and continues to produce more of them. This is very very dangerous for the USA.

I guess the message i am posting here is one that neither you nor patriot want to hear. I think the differences between you and patriot are pretty small in the larger scheme of things.

Neither of you is suicidal, neither of you is crazy. I think you and patriot should find common ground, settle your differences, and focus on the threat

Don't you understand, lives are at stake here. muslim immigration will result in violence directed against everyone in america.

When the bombs start going off here, the muslim bombers aren't going to distinguish between mexicans and anglos. we will all be treated the same

sorry i have to deliver a message that you and patriot and ulty all don't want to hear. But there it is.

dianne said...

Anon is right in one respect. Look what PC liberal Europe got in return for their open borders generosity. But, his predictions that millions of Europeans are going to be fleeing here is far fetched. Several Europeans countries are now passing tougher immigration laws. I think they learned their lesson, a little late. We need to take their lesson as one of our own.

Anonymous said...

I guess what i am saying is, muslims immigrated to europe legally.

Many of them got good paying jobs - many as doctors making more than a hundred grand a year.

despite the fact that they came legally and had good paying jobs, many still support terrorists.

some decided to become terrorists

didn't you read that muslim doctors in scotland tried to blow up the airport in a suicide bombing>

i mean just pause for a minute -
my position is to reduce the legal muslim immigration to the us.

i think all the energy spent debating what to do with the illegals is taking airtime away from my issue, which i think is more important

just my 2 cents -

Dee said...

Anon, I do not get it.
We have terrorists living in America of all ethnicities. Look at Timothy McVeigh. Look at what he did in Oklahoma City. There was a whole group behind him talking about the overthrow of the government through terrorism. He was a White Protestant. Look at the various cults. Look at the KKK and the NSMs and other militia groups that want to overtake the country and have armed militia camps. Look at all the serial killers, another one in Florida. Look at the gangs, some White, Black and Latino who want to wreck havoc on our country. Look at white collar crime. Look at the Predators on the Internet. Talk about Soddom and Gomorrah. Blame it on our open liberal society as some of the terrorists do.

You cannot blame one ethnic group for all of the problems in our country or in the world.

I blame much of the Immigration problems we are facing on GREED! I think many here agree. Yet, we don´t even put the guilty in prison for their crimes. Why? Because they are
Rich and White Collar!

patriot said...

anon, I don't understand why you think compromising with the pros would enable us to get rid of the Muslim population in this country. Illegal immigration from Latin American has nothing to do with it. They are two separate issues and can be dealt with simultaneously. What we need it the cooperation of our government. Citizens whether they be pro or anti don't have that kind of power. They are both problems and should be dealt with without any compromise.

patriot said...

dee, you are being ridiculous. We have never had a totally "vanilla white" population and no one is advocating that. The Mayberry scenario just depicts white culture. You have a problem with white culture? Aren't we allowed to exist in this country with our culture now? Why do you keep bringing up "English only"? Who is advocating that? Don't make up lies, dee. We just want English as our official language that is all. Is it Spanish only in Mexico? Of course not! But Spanish is their official language. See how you are twisting and spinning the truth again?

Dee said...

We are saying some of the same things.

1. You and I both agree Legal Immigration is not part of our discussion about illegal immigration.
2. If there are homegrown or legal immigrants here who are breaking the law, they should be dealt with severely by Homeland Security.

Anonymous said...


i respect very very much what you are saying.

But how do you deal with a population in which the tendency to break the law may take a generation to emerge?

In Europe, many hard working, law abiding kind generous folks from muslim countries moved in. Many of them were not even that religious and were happy to be away from the crazy clerics back in their home countries.

But their children grew up alienated and unhappy and often became violent towards their host country. That is the origin of many of the suicide bombers in the UK

Dee, what i am saying is, can america end all legal immigration of muslims due to the possibility of their children becoming suicide bombers.

This is a **very** tough question. I expect the debate over this issue to emerge after america experiences a few more 9-11's

I have sympathy for both sides of this debate, but it is a debate that has to start happening now.

I respect that you and patriot and ulty all think you are focused on an important issue right now, but with the deepest respect i say that when hundreds of thousands of americans start getting killed on our own soil, all of you will regret that you spent your energy and time on what you are spending it on now.

you don't have to be a kook to expect nuclear weapons to be smuggled in to the US - i mean look at the opinion polls in pakistan - the idea of pakistan gifting a few of its nukes to bin laden is very popular there.

plus plenty of nukes lost from the former ussr.

Dee, you and patriot and ulty are obviously well read and energetic people.

I don't expect you to change what you are doing.

But just in a quiet moment reflect on what i am saying.

ultima said...

Anon is right about the Muslims. It is plain for us to see in Europe. I'm not so sure Europe is awake yet and even if it is whether, in the aftermath of WW II and the persecution of minorities, Europe will be able to muster the courage to do what must be done to preserver its Mayberrian society. I for one think that society, the cradle of our own Western civilization, must be preserved. Liberal societies have been shown to be weak and unable to do what is in their own best interests. The Muslim problem in Europe is analogous to our Mexican problem but more violent. Our thirst for cheap labor has subverted the very foundations of our republic and condemn us to a future in Mexico Norte.

The Muslims in this country may not be large in numbers yet but they are growing among the prison population. We cannot deport Americans who have chosen to convert to Islam but we can certainly decide that Islam is the antithesis of everything we hold dear and stop all immigration from Islamic countries and look for every opportunity to deport those who are here legally but who like Lucky Luciano get crosswise with the law.

The Muslim problem would be a much better focus for the pro-illegals.

By the way the thing that was not clear in Hillary of the people was whether or not those she was talking to were illegal or had ever entered the country illegally. Taking there part and discussing their issues would have been grossly disloyal under those circumstances, thoroughly disqualifying her for the nation's highest office.

patriot said...

Ultima, apparently when Hillary went to a Mexican restaurant and a man there said he wife was illegal. Hillary's response to him was "no woman is illegal" or "no man for that matter." Now one can spin those remarks all they want but clearly she was hispandering to him and trying to blur the lines between legal and illegal. The outcome of her remarks if she were to become president would be to grant legalization for the bulk of them.

Dee said...

Hillary was talking to citizens. What happened was:

"A man shouted through an opening in the wall that his wife was illegal. "No woman is illegal," Clinton said"

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me what Hillary has done for the Mexicans?

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