Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mainstream Media´s Slobbering Over Obama Takes Votes Away from Obama!

Chris Matthews makes me sick!
As I have stated a NUMBER of times, I am NEUTRAL between Obama vs Hillary. I will vote for the Democratic Candidate in November, 2008.
It is obvious the Mainstream Media (MSM) is supporting Obama and they HATE Hillary.
Every day, I watch MSNBC, Fox and CNN to keep up to date on the issues. Every day, Chris Matthews slobbers over Obama while throwing daggers at Hillary. It is disgusting! What on earth is his Hate Affair with Hillary? He is like a scorned lover. It just gets on my nerves. Today, that big xxx Tweety - Matthews said any newspaper that supports Hillary is showing favoritism. He is such an ignorant idiot! Even Pat Buchanan called him on this! Shame on him!!!
My message to Obama: The MSM slobbering over you does NOT HELP YOU! Today, I just removed my membership off of the Kerry and Kennedy sites. Their slobbering just got on my nerves!! (BTW, Teddy reminds me of Matthews. They both spew spittle off the sides of their mouths! Watch them and see for yourselves! I am not being offensive, just factual!)
I am like every other voter in America. I study the issues. I am informed. Your pandering and slobbering DOES NOT INFLUENCE me. In fact, it does the opposite. (you get on my last nerve!)
Obama, I still like you. Don´t let these foul panderers divert your message. Please!
PS: Hillary, Congratulations on Florida! You Go Girl!! ;-)


patriot said...

Hmm, I distinctly remember you had made up your mind for sure you were voting for Hillary a few weeks ago, now you say you had been neutral between Hillary and Obama? What do you care who hates who? I am sure there are candidates you don't like either. Politics has always been a dirty game. I know you weren't born yesterday.

Why do you get so worked up over everything, dee? You really are quite the drama queen, aren't you? How do you enjoy life and family with so much drama at every turn in regards to politics and in particular the illegal immigration issue? You go into a hissy fit over the media, the candidates, the anti's. I have an idea, why don't you write a script for your own soap opera?

airesflora said...


I couldn't agree with you more! I'm leaning towards Hillary because of some of this too. Also, Ted Kennedy sort of sent me over to the Hillary camp more.

Great blog btw!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you said you were definetly for Hillary. Flip flop.

Dee said...

Welcome and thank you for stopping by! As you know, I enjoy your HB site too.
Come back often!

Dee said...

Pat, Anon,
You must have missed my Obama Rocks video I had posted. As I have said, I am for the Dem candidate. I was leaning towards Hillary, then towards Obama, now on the fence between both. In November, I will vote for the Dem candidate because our country cannot tolerate another Republican puppet in office.

patriot said...

Well maybe you will like McAmnesty McCain. There is a Republican you can sink your teeth into.

Anonymous said...

Dee, i am not sure that i understand what you wrote --

the quote from you is

I did NOT say they rescinded the laws because they increased wages. I said they increased wages to try to resolve their labor shortages caused by the restrictionist laws.

Dee, are you saying that after restrictionist laws were passed by government, someone raised wages? Who was it that made the decision to raise wages ?

Please Dee be more clear, what is the sequence of events that led to wages being raised in the example you cite

Dee said...

Anon, You posted this question on the wrong post.

I think you meant to post it under "ANTIs Bogus Arguments Attempt to Stir Up Antagonism between Hispanics and African Americans!"

Anonymous said...

Obama rocks.

He is not beholden to special interests the way ms clinton is

Dee said...

You can email me a pix of the slot machine next to the buffet at the casino on Tulsa´s main drag.
This will prove to me you are from Tulsa.

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