Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Legal Papers On Demand!

Mexican Nationals Deluge Mexican Consular Services Requesting Passports due to Increased State Enacted Illegall Immigration Enforcement Laws and the increase in Racial Profiling!

Reuters is reporting:
Mexican Consular Office Head in Washington Enrique Escorza Talks About Immigration
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Azteca America (Hispanic television network in the United States) hosted the head of Mexican Consular Services in Washington, Enrique Escorza, on this week's broadcast of "Issues: Caras y Voces" (Issues: Faces and Voices)...

"The request for documents by Mexican nationals residing in the UnitedStates has increased sharply as anti-immigration policies are on the rise. To meet demand, many Mexican consular offices, including that of Washington DC, have mobile units that go on-site to areas with high Mexican concentration to provide documentation and other services to residents."

"Despite increased demand, the consular office in Washington DC has reduced the time for processing passports by 25%. The office is one of the most efficient consular offices in the United States, generating about 2 milliondollars' worth of services with a staff of nine people. "

Christian Science Monitor:
Mexican ID is ticket to US mainstream
With this coveted card, 'undocumented' immigrants move a step closer to legal status
HOUSTON – Hugo Godinez Sosa hears his name over the Mexican consulate loudspeaker and pushes through the throng to pick up what is possibly the most valuable item an illegal immigrant can now possess in the US – an official Mexican ID card. The matricula consular – a nondescript, laminated card that bears a person's name, residence in Mexico, and photo – is fast becoming a ticket out of the shadows and into the American mainstream. Many public institutions – such as schools, hospitals, social services, law enforcement agencies, and banks and other businesses – around the US are suddenly beginning to accept the cards as legal identification. And, so, that combined with the renewed emphasis on security and documentation in the US in recent months has caused a rush of tens of thousands of both legal and illegal immigrants to Mexican consulates in the US to get their cards.

Inasmuch as the great debate over the rights and status of "undocumented" immigrants hinges on a piece of paper, this document promises to bring a whole class of marginalized people a step closer to legal recognition in the US. Groups that favor reduced immigration and strict adherence to immigration law, believe the acceptance of these ID cards undermines US law and sets a dangerous precedent. "States need to be part of the solution to illegal immigration. But accepting these documents makes state agencies part of the problem," says Dan Stein, executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform in Washington.

But proponents see it as a security issue – both for the immigrants themselves and for the American public.
"After Sept. 11, when it became clear that there were so many people without any documentation at all, these matriculas started gaining more strength and more significance throughout the United States," says Enrique Buj Flores, the Mexican consul general in Houston.
While his matricula proves that Godinez is a resident of Mexico and nothing more, it suddenly opens doors in the US system. For one thing, the air-conditioning factory worker no longer has to keep his weekly pay in a wad in his pocket because he can now open a bank account with the card. And as of last week, he can use the ID to file a police report in Houston.

The Mexican Consulate here has been pushing hard to get the cards accepted more widely, as have many cities with large pockets of illegal immigrants.
In the past few months, for instance:
• San Francisco became the first city in the country to require hospitals, schools, and other public agencies to accept the ID cards as official documentation.
• In Arizona, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department joined the Phoenix Police Department in accepting the IDs on reports and other police business.
• Bank of America, while not the first to accept the ID for bank accounts, became the most aggressive by setting up a branch at the Mexican consulate in Santa Ana, Calif.


patriot said...

What anti-immigration policies are on the rise? I know of none. Oh, is this another one of those twists and spins of words whereby anti-illegal alien policies should have been the term used instead? How long is this issue going to be distored with word play?

Wow, the Mexican Consular Office personnel are doing their own version of "racial profiling" by targeting Hispanic/Mexican neighborhoods to provide documents, aren't they? Guess they are assuming many are illegals, right? And yet if law enforcement or any non-Hispanic citizen does that, it is called "racial profiling" a big no-no negative by the illegal alien supporters. What hpocrites!

Dee said...

Please re read my intro statement:

"Mexican Nationals Deluge Mexican Consular Services Requesting Passports due to Increased State Enacted ILLEGAL Immigration Enforcement Laws and the increase in Racial Profiling!"

patriot said...

Mexican nationals? Legal or illegal? It was also stated that the Mexican Consular Offices were setting up mobile units where there are areas with high concentrations of Mexicans in them. Are they suspecting many of them to be illegal aliens? Of course they are! Racial profiling, lol.

ultima said...

What passports are they issuing? Surely not U.s. passports or any passports that permit the holder to enter the U.s.?

What's going on here?

Dee said...

Aaaah Ulty, I sparked your interest. The article didn´t say. That was the same question I had. Mexican passports maybe? I wonder how that works.....especially with the Mexican consular office "mobile units" in densely populated Hispanic areas of the country. Hmmmm.....

Maybe our friend Ms. Lupita can tell us more.

patriot said...

By the way, nice little portrayal there of our law enforcement being "pigs". Stuck in the 60's are we? Without them there would be chaos. I respect our men in blue.

Dee said...

Actually Pat, I got it off a blog (Last Chocolate City). As you know, I peruse the Google Images search sites to find appropriate pix for my blog. I chose this one because it reminds me of our friend Arpaio and his crew of bad boys, bad boys, whatcha goin to do!

dianne said...

The new passport rules are probably the foremost reason. Millions of people had to get passports this year to travel by air to/from Mexico, Canada. Land/sea requirements are also being changed. Another excuse to call racial profiling!

patriot said...

Well dee, anyone fighting illegal immigration is a "bad boy" to you.

Dee said...

Well, that is the song from Cops. Arpaio is a Bad Boy. But then, aren´t you a little bit bad too?

patriot said...

Sheriff Joe, is doing his duty as a patriotic citizen. I haven't a clue what you mean about me being a bad boy. I try to follow the straight and narrow and the laws of this country as best I can. Of course, no one is perfect but I at least make the effort.

Dee said...

Bad Boy Joey is close to having all the walls close in on him. I suspect his just rewards are coming soon!

As for you my friend Pat, you may be a bad boy troll, but you are our troll, and you know what, I kinda like having you here!

patriot said...

Really, you must have some inside information then. Arizona loves him and so do all law abiding Americans. I am no troll. I just speak the truth and you and your side can't handle the truth.

Liquidmicro said...

You use an article from the CSM from 2002??? Talk about out dated. Most have now realized that the Matricular Consular card is worthless as banks that allowed it are now denying it as a viable ID. It is becoming more and more worthless on a daily basis.

The main part of your topic seems that most using the service of the Mexican Consular are getting birth certificates and other necessary paperwork as well as passports just so they can go back and prove that they are Mexican Nationals and that there children are also not just American Citizens but also Mexican Nationals. They are going home with their bounty, all the items of which they purchased here in the USA.

Dee said...

Liquid, You are right that the main portion of this post refers to the 1/8/08 Reuters report re: the head of the Mexican Consular saying their is an increased number of requests for documents by Mexican nationals residing in the US to provide "documentation and other services to residents." However the need is SO HIGH they felt the need to "go on-site to areas with high Mexican concentration" to provide documentation and other services. The article infers this is due to the increased "anti-immigration policies." You know of course it is OK for a Mexican National to live in the US. This leads me to believe one reason they want these documents is in case they are stopped and want to provide legal documents so they are not shipped to a heinous Detention Center.

But the open question is, what documents? We are only guessing at this point. (both you and me) That is why I added the matricular article. I was hoping Lupita or someone in the know would let us know which documents are currently being requested and why the need for these mobile units.

patriot said...

"Anti-immigration policies"? I know of none, could you clear that up for us?

There is no reason for any legal immigrant or citizen to fear detention or deportation if their documents are in order. If we are talking about the above, shouldn't they already have these documents?

Liquidmicro said...

One of the Arizona articles a week or so ago talked about this. Off memory it said that they were getting their paperwork for passports, birth certificates and the such to return back to Mexico. There was an increase in the amount of persons applying 2 and 3 fold from the previous years. There was an increase in across border traffic going back to Mexico with vehicles loaded with personal items, i.e. refrigerators, washers, dryers, clothes, anything and everything they could fit into their vehicles.

patriot said...

The crackdown in the workplace is working!

Anonymous said...


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