Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ann Romney hosts a Tea Party for Birther Elitists! How Revealing!

Ann Romney hosted a Tea Party for White Nationalist Birther Elitists!
But at least now, we know what kind of people they are!!

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Vicente Duque said...

Mitt Romney told attendees at a closed-door fundraiser that he supports a limited alternative alternative to the Dream Act. A category of non-citizens that have lived in the USA for many years and may continue living in America

Something is better than nothing and The U-Turns of Mitt Romney are so spectacular that he can work in Hollywood stunts :

In Los Angeles Times Republican Intellectual Tamar Jacoby supports this Dream Act Version 2.0 of Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney. Since Tamar Jacoby represents Intelligence inside the Republican Party then we should pay attention to her article.

This Conservative Lady has faced and confronted Krish Kobach, Russell Pearce and many Right Wing Sheriffs in several Forums. She defends Immigration Reform against these Super Bigots and Racists. She defends a conservatism that accepts the "Other One".

This is a real wonderful beautiful Flip-Flop and About-Face for Mitt Romney, the master of Flip-Flop and reversals can pivot 180 degrees from his previous positions during the Republican Primaries, Super U-Turns on a dime.

This is Hypocrisy than I can applaud and enjoy and it brings a smile to my face. Thanks dear Mitt Romney for fulfilling my prophecies that you could not be a super Bigot organizing progroms during your illusory and Delusional Presidency of the USA. Because you would be confronted, crushed and squashed by hard realities.

Los Angeles Times
How Romney could win over Latinos
Endorsing a Republican version of the Dream Act could help him bridge the gap with that crucial voting bloc.
By Tamar Jacoby
April 18, 2012,0,7166376.story


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