Sunday, April 15, 2012

Research Proves Rich Ann Romney Insults True, Hard Working Stay At Home Moms

Well, well, well. Ann Romney and her cohorts should remember that when they pretend they are not rich, elite people of privilege, all we have to do is research a few previous articles to prove the truth.
Last week, when a CNN commentator mentioned Ann Romney "didn't work a day in her life," the extreme right wing blogosphere went haywire. They bemoaned, "Democrats are creating a war on stay at home moms." Romney's son tweeted they never had a nanny or a maid.
However, a little research tells us he was not telling the truth. Both tax records and previous interviews and news articles with Mitt Romney indicate the Romney's did, in fact, have maids, cooks and laundresses all of their lives. In fact, most of their lives, they had an African American, full time Housekeeper named "Birdie." The Romney's had people wait on them hand and foot. They are part of the 1%, the super rich and privileged.
I'm not condemning them for being super rich. However, they cannot lie to us and pretend they was any sort of sacrifice.
These rich folk are belittling the real heroes, the lower and middle income women who choose to stay at home and raise their children, being the cook, the laundress and the maid, scrimping and saving and clipping coupons just to make ends meet for their family. These hard working women are heroes.

Sorry. Ann Romney, with her Housekeeper, maids, cooks, laundresses, 2 cadillacs and elevatored garage in her summer home does NOT fit in this category and it is an insult to our heroes, the sacrificing stay at home moms for Romney to say she was one of them.

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Anonymous said...

You read the article wrong. The workers referred to were in Mitt Romney's dad's house. However, even if she did not have nannies, it is almost impossible for me to believe that a woman who had five children and lived in a mansion did not have a single maid. That just defies logic or maybe they lived in a really messy house? I think it's more than a little bit possible that they know they can lie about this because their help at the time has left the country already.

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