Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Republican Supreme Court may uphold sb1070! IF THEY DO, Romney will NEVER get the support of 80% of Latino Voters!

The heavily Republican Supreme Court is deciding whether to support the Evil Racial Profiling bill sb1070 which was written by Kris K-K-Kobach and pushed by the impeached State Senator Russell Pearce. La Bruja Jan Brewer came out of today's Supreme Court hearing saying the Republican Justices were in her Racial Profiling favor. So did K-K-Kris Kobach.
This is not good news for all of my fellow American Latinos. If the Republican Supreme Court upholds this racial profiling bill, then all of the 50M American Citizen Latinos are in high jeopardy. We will be just like the victims of Sheriff Arpaio and his masked volunteer goon squad in Maricopa County.
This is very sad news.
However, it is good news in One Respect. The evil Romney and Rubio are clearly supporting this evil racial profiling bill and the Republican Supreme Court.
Let's get this straight, here and now. I promise you this:
IF the Supreme Court supports the racial profiling sb1070, we American Latinos will BLAME ALL Republicans and NONE of us will Vote for Romney! That includes whether he selects HINO Marco Rubio as his VP or not!


Anonymous said...

So if the Supreme Court upholds sb1070 that is Romney's fault?

Most Hispanics don't vote Republican anyway. Your idle threats are laughable to say the least.

Vicente Duque said...

Invisible Boycott Under Way - Many people are avoiding Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and other unwelcoming states, the same for Business. Nobody wants to be harassed by Ignorant and Brutal Policemen. Or by idiotic employees or bureaucracies ( public or private ) :

The Super Power of a Wallet :

People love their wallets and moneys and don't want to give them to scoundrels.

Let's assume that you are a tourist with some money to spend in traveling, vacation, merchandise, souvenirs.

Are you going to spend that money, your time and resources, in places where you are not welcome ??

Where you are tortured, harassed and humiliated ??

By ignorant bigots, racists, haters that everyday listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, or some other cretin and idiot repeating the same stupidity in every program ??

By people with inferiority complexes and psychological inadequacies, poor losers that have a revenge against life and want to turn you into a victim, to satisfy their sadism ??

Do you want "souvenirs" from states where people vote laws of hatred, discrimination, segregation and apartheid ??

Yes, Slavery was very popular and won many elections, Segregation was very popular and won many elections, the Ku Klux Klan was very popular and won many elections, Apartheid was very popular and won men elections.

The Nazis were very popular and won many elections and Hitler was elevated to Chancellor of the Reich by legal methods and the "Rule of Law".

But Henry David Thoureau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King taught us to despise "The Rule of Law" when it is INJUSTICE, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION and HATRED.

I don't know what the U. S. Supreme Court is going to decide on SB 1070, but if this court wants to legislate from the bench overpowering President Obama and Congress then the new "Four Horsemen" will be losers at the end and will be defeated in elections.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt could finally defeat the "Four Horsemen" of "Social Darwinism" ( his own words ) that plagued his presidency. He finally changed the U. S. Supreme Court.

President Barack Obama will do the same if the new "Four Horsemen" want to be so unwise.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should also be aware that DHS and USCIS has recently put forth a proposed rule that discriminates against permanent residents trying to get a visa for their spouses/parents. The comment period is now open and I request all citizens submit a comment against this inequity.

Vicente Duque said...

British "Guardian" : It looks as if the U. S. Supreme Court will sweep legitimate federal powers, as well as the fourth and 14th amendments, under the rug - Antonin Scalia uses inane Republican buzzwords like a third-rate wingnut talkshow host

The British Guardian Newspaper describes the U. S. Supreme Court as "pursuing a states' rights, anti-federal agenda, reckless of the constitution".

British "Guardian" Newspaper
This supremely Republican supreme court
Friday 27 April 2012 20.41 BST

By Scott Lemieux
Scott Lemieux is a professor of political science at the College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York, specialising in public law and constitutional law. He contributes to American Prospect and blogs for Lawyers, Guns and Money and TAPPED.

Some excerpts :

And earlier this week, what appears to be another imminent Roberts court attack on federal power could be seen at the oral arguments addressing the constitutionality of Arizona's controversial SB1070. Much of the legislation, which requires state law enforcement officials to enforce federal immigration laws, seems to directly contradict plenary federal powers over immigration and naturalization, but the court is very likely to uphold some or all of its provisions.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the oral argument – aside from yet more Fox News-style posturing by Scalia – was the fact that Chief Justice Roberts immediately announced that the potential for racial profiling not be considered by the court. This is a strange contention, given that the Arizona law requires local police to ascertain the immigration status of people "reasonably suspected" of being undocumented – a recipe for racial profiling if ever there was one. This is problematic not only because of human rights considerations, but because the need to protect civil rights is a crucial reason why the federal government wishes to preserve the uniform rules it is constitutionally entitled to make. In its zeal to side with the states over federal power, it looks as if the Roberts court will sweep legitimate federal powers, as well as the fourth and 14th amendments, under the rug.

The Republican party may have lost in 2008, but its political will still lives on in a Republican-dominated supreme court that, at times, cannot even bother to pretend that it is doing constitutional law.


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