Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blogsite Focus in 2012: Boomers In Retirement and Comprehensive Immigration Reform (including Dream Act)

Now that the Republicans have identified their candidate, the American Public is sure to get a reprieve from all of their extreme right wing political shenanigans. Romney is a flip flopper and tends to be more of a centrist. Regardless of what the right wing extremists think, I am sure that Romney will tend to be wishy washy, flip floppy and will abstain from positioning himself in support of the extreme right wing fanatics.
Rick Santorum - Bless Him - has resigned himself from candidacy. He is behind in the polls. He said his daughter was sick. Now he is using this as an excuse to exit before he lost in his home state of Pennsylvania.
Now Mitt can relax and start being himself again.
All of the right wing extremists might as well shut up now. Romney is much too smart to support their idiotic rhetoric through the rest of the Presidential campaign.
Romney is going to pick a Latin@ or woman or both as his Vice Presidential running mate. If he is smart, he'll pick Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico. Knowing her positions, she is sure to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform and advance her agenda to support the Dream Act and other positive issues.
The extreme Right Wing may be angry, but they will vote Republican, regardless of who is running. Why?
Because they HATE the thought of our having a Black President that much!
For Latinos, this is a win-win situation. None of us wanted an extremist like Santorum on the candidate list. He is a Latino Hater, Woman Hater and People Hater. Be Gone Evil One! At least now, we will have a choice of an intelligent Humanitarian OR a wishy-washy, rich Panderer, NOT an Evil Latino Hater.
The biggest obstacle Mitt Romney and his partner will face won't be President Obama. It WILL BE the American Public's view of their stance against Healthcare, Medicare, Social Security and Women's Issues.

I support our President, Barack Obama, for re-election. He is a Humanitarian looking out for the Greater Good of our Great Country. He does support Universal Healthcare, Medicare, Social Security and Women's Issues.

For the rest of the year, my blog will focus on these 4 core issues, as well as Comprehensive Immigration Reform, passing the Dream Act and my war against Hate Crimes.
I am specifically targetting Paul Ryan's attacks on the Elderly, Medicare and Social Security. Too many of our elderly are already suffering. Their future is extremely dire if Ryan's policies are enacted.
I'm looking forward to the year ahead to continue to help make the American Public aware of the issues we, as a nation, are facing, particularly as the aging Baby Boomers are entering their retirement years.

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Vicente Duque said...

What Mitt Romney needs to do now is to be himself "A well oiled weathervane", buy Santorum's support, a guy that is suffering under a big pile of campaign debt, use his greatest assets : money and his lack of character

What Mitt Romney has to do now is to conquer the center and the independents and that requires to abandon the Right Wing Extremist speech that has almost given him the nomination. He is 99% the Republican Nominee and he does not have to court now the Racists, White Supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan and the Super Rich. They will always vote for him, even if he chooses a very moderate vice-president.

Romney has to put on the hat of a Moderate Republican or Massachusetts Liberal ( a costume that he wore in the past ).

Romney does not need to appear in public with his racist friends that he courted during the previous days when his nomination "hanged on a thread" like the White Horse Myth of the Mormons. The bigots, racists, haters and extremists are Kryptonite for Mitt now.

Mitt Romney has to avoid talking about the Racism and Prejudice of Mormonism, and the downtrodden Women of that Religion. He should not talk about the "Second Coming of Jesus Christ to rule the World from Missouri" like he did in year 2008 in a Radio Station in Iowa.

The Electorate does not want a Religious Freak like he is at his core.

And he should be careful when bragging about being a job creator because he really fired a lot of people from their jobs when dismantling and disassembling many corporation in order to sell the assets later at a big profit. He is the favorite of the Wall Street Robber Barons.

Romney knows more about kicking people out of their jobs and "Vulture Capitalism" than job creation. And his ideas pushed during the first three months of the Primaries were pure idiotic trickle down economics that has already proven to be fatal for the American Economy.

Fortunately Mitt Romney is the king of Flip-Floppers and unprincipled opportunists, the etch-a-sketch candidate, and his advisors, consultants and aides know that he should practice an economy close to what President Obama is doing, otherwise he sinks the economy.

Etch A Sketch is a mechanical drawing toy for little children where they can draw whatever they wish and change whatever their whim tells them to do.

That is Mitt Romney "A well oiled weathervane" as his close friend and supporter John Huntsman said, Huntsman is a fellow Mormon, that was Governor of Utah and vied unsuccessfully during the Republican Primaries of 2012.


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