Sunday, April 8, 2012

Romney and Rubio Flip Flop, Belly Flop to Destroy the Dream!

In recent weeks, as Romney has inched closer to the nomination, speculation has increased about Rubio becoming the VP nominee. Why? For the obvious reasons. Republican leaders are finally realizing that their base's rabid obsessions with Mass Self Deportation of millions of Latinos is OFFENDING Voting Latinos.
These Republican Leaders figure they will win back, or at least split the Latino vote if a Latino surname is on the GOP VP Ticket. Of course HINO Marco Rubio hasn't done them or himself any favors by flip flopping first AGAINST then FOR Arizona's racial profiling bill sb1070. HINO Rubio has also been quick to jump on the band wagon for Romney's "Self Deportation" gimmick.
Romney has embraced the far right in his attempt to gain the GOP Presidential candidacy. He has joined forces with the heinous K-K-Kris Kobach, the author of sb1070 and member of the Hate Group F.A.I.R, sponsored by the infamous extremist John Tanton. Over the past few months, Romney and Rubio have both spewed their rhetoric AGAINST the Dream Act.
In recent weeks, however, as Romney's nomination appears to be inevitable, suddenly Rubio has had some sort of awakening. In mid-March, he appeared on Geraldo Rivera's radio show (see/hear video) and Rubio suggested he might support a watered-down version of the Dream Act. You heard it right, the Dream Act. Rubio said, "I do want to help out these kids. The Dream Act is a way to help them out.” He told Rivera that he wouldn't support their becoming Citizens, but he WOULD support these deserving students in staying in the U.S. legally and permanently. (What a Belly Flopper!)
Some of the Dreamers are falling for Rubio's bologna. As I said to one hopeful Dreamer, "This looks like a ruthless ploy by HINO Rubio to split up Latino voters. There is no chance in hexx of a bill like this ever passing. His own side would immediately Hate it and throw it out. He is merely pandering to you in the most blatant "used car salesman" mode. Looks like you and Rxxxx and others fell for it."
Of course she didn't like hearing this and threatened to ban me from her Wall. Nevertheless, I told her the truth.

But then again.....She is a Dreamer. What if her Dream came true? What IF Romney, so famous for his Flip-Flops, flops again on Immigration. He's done it before. Maybe this time, if Romney and Rubio are elected, they MAY keep their promises to the Dreamers and to Latinos. They may even pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Oh what would Kris Kobach say? What would Roy Beck of NumbersUSA say? What would Alipac say? What would John Tanton say? What would Bad Anon say? They can Kiss their Dreams of Mass Deportation GOOD-BYE! Roy Beck -- Keep those Gumballs Ready! With Flip and Belly on the ticket, they're sure gonna rise!!! (listen to Rubio on Geraldo's show -- Rubio was talking about your rhetoric!) Yippee!! Hurray!! The Flip Flopper and the Belly Flopper are on the Ticket and they are begging for the Latino vote the only way they know how! By promising Latinos the DREAM!!! (or are they?) No one will know! Flip Flop. Flop Flop. Belly Flop!!

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