Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Trayvon Martin Case Proves Why Racial Profiling is So Wrong!

I've been reading the on-line comments of news stories about Trayvon Martin's murder, right and left.
However, most of the conservative websites are loaded with negative comments against Trayvon and against minorities in general.
"Had Trayvon not been suspended, this wouldn't have happened."
"Why was he wearing 'Thug' clothes"
"It's the rappers fault that are promoting the 'Thug' clothing line."
"Trayvon shouldn't have fought back."
"What was he doing wearing a hoodie in the first place?"
"You can't try and convict Zimmerman. Innocent until proven guilty."
"Zimmerman was justified in defending himself."

"Why aren't blacks more concerned about Black on Black crime?"
"It's Reverend Al's fault for getting the Blacks all stirred up."
On and on these negative comments go, demonizing the murdered victim.

Demonizing minorities.
Demonizing clothing.
I saw/read these negative responses on Fox, Alipac, Drudge, Breitbart and by right wing commenters on CNN and USA Today. Yet NONE of these right wingers say George Zimmerman should be arrested or even questioned further.
Why is it ok to target someone because of their clothing or the color of their skin? Why is it NOT ok to peacefully demand Justice?
In the years that I have been studying Immigration Reform, I've seen these same websites so quick in supporting Arpaio and his masked volunteers in targetting Latino neighborhoods when he racially profiles them. They are quick to demonize any of the victims saying "They got what they deserved" .. even the Citizens that were racially profiled.
These same groups say we should wait for the courts to decide whether Zimmerman should be questioned again or charged and jailed -- these same groups are SO QUICK to demonize ALL Latinos when a DUI or other Crime is committed and BLAME ALL LATINOS, citizens and non, when ONE perpetrator (who happens to be Latino) commits a crime and BLAMES US ALL FOR THE CRIME!
So much Injustice! That is WHY a Republican will NEVER get our Votes!


Anonymous said...

I want to ask all the condemners of George Zimmerman to stop for a moment, and ask yourselves: what if Trayvon Martin really did attack Zimmerman first? What if Trayvon really was trying to bash Zimmerman's head into the ground, only to be stopped by the bullet from Zimmerman's gun? If all this is true (and it very well could be), not only would your outrage be for nothing, but it would also be unjustly directed at a man who is innocent. You would be attacking a man who was already attacked once by Trayvon. Think of that for a moment.

Dee said...

The facts are:
1. Travyon Martin is dead.
2. The police did not investigate nor arrest Zimmerman.
3. If Martin had been white, Zimmerman would have been investigated and arrested.
4. No one says Martin attacked except his killer.
5. The 911 call proves Zimmerman pursued Martin.

All anyone is saying is the police should have investigated and arrested Zimmerman and ask the Judge and or jury to decide, as they should.

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